Meet the Guest Bloggers!

If you’re an avid fan of The Edit you may remember that we’ve been running a competition for students to become guest bloggers. The competition has finally finished and we’re very pleased to announce the 5 winners below.

Thank you to everyone that entered and be sure to stay tuned for any future opportunities.

1. Joe Economos

Joe is a 19-year-old student studying at the University of Portsmouth. Joe was born in Sydney, Australia, but has also lived in Dublin for three years, and most recently eight years in Michigan, America. In September 2017 Joe moved to England to study Marketing and is a massive football fan, with his favourite team being Real Madrid. Joe also enjoys baseball and the Detroit Tigers. His hobbies are: travelling, swimming, football, cricket, running, eating, cooking, listening to music, volunteering, and content creation. One day Joe hopes to have his own business. Perhaps in the sport, travel, clothing, or beer sectors. Joe has always enjoyed writing and hopes to become a blogger one day!

2. Aanchal Agarwal

Aanchal Agarwal is a first-year student, studying Management at the University of Warwick. She is from India but grew up in Dubai and therefore doesn’t know how to answer the notorious question: “Where are you from?”. Having been exposed to a multicultural environment since a young age she aims to be a global citizen.

Aanchal has always loved writing whether it be for her school press club or while interning for a youth publication. She believes that young people have the power to make a great impact and bring about positive change if they use their voices. She is also passionate about good TV and hot chocolate.

3. Emma Turner

Emma is a second-year student at Cambridge University, studying French and Spanish. She is an avid feminist, tea-drinker, mental health advocate and wannabe cat-lady. She loves travelling, speaking foreign languages... and writing about all of the above!

4. Seleisha Scarlett

Seleisha is 19 years old and currently studying English at Brunel University. She has a passion for writing and hopes to make a career out of it. This may be the first time she has posted anything she has written. Seleisha says it took a lot of convincing for her to enter the competition… but she’s glad she entered after being offered a contract, which was the confidence boost she says she needed.

Seleisha is currently working on a food blog, as trying new restaurants is one of her fave things. She religiously uses UNiDAYS and can’t wait to become a guest blogger on The Edit.

5. Selina Akarolo

Selina is 19 years old currently studying English Literature and Drama. She has a passion for writing, makeup and videography. Selina is glad to finally have The Edit as a platform to express herself.

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