How to start your day, even if you're not a morning person

This post is brought to you by Philips.

How many of us can relate to this?

If this is you, then you’re not alone.

To celebrate that our friends at Philips are trying to make our mornings better and are giving away a bundle to start your day right, that includes a wake up light, juicer and their signature electric toothbrush, we’ve put together the ultimate routine to help your mornings go more smoothly!

The best mornings start at night!

One of the best ways to make sure that you have a good morning is to prepare the night before. If you’re anything like me, when you’ve done things like laying your clothes out the night before, or packed your bag, you’ll thank yourself in the morning. It means you can spend time easing your body into the day, rather than frantically running around trying to find your house keys, that are buried under your piles of washing.

Another thing you can do the night before is let your mind wind down. We’ve all had those nights of tossing and turning for hours trying to calculate how many hours of sleep you’re going to get if you fall asleep now….or now. If you find it difficult to switch off, there are loads of soundtracks on YouTube which makes it easy to fall asleep and you can get them to play for as many hours as you need!

A helping hand waking up

Nothing makes it easier to wake up than when the sun is gently streaming into your window. However, we know that most people need a pitch black room to actually fall asleep in the first place so, for many of us, keeping your curtains or blinds open just isn’t an option. That’s where the sleep and wake-up light comes in! The light simulates a gradual sunrise which allows your body to wake up feeling refreshed. Beats having an alarm abruptly buzzing in your ear as your wake up call!

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Brush your teeth mindfully

Most of us probably brush our teeth on autopilot, or even worse, whilst mindlessly scrolling through instagram looking for memes to make us feel more alert. Well, this is actually the perfect time to turn a daily task into something more meaningful. Practicing mindfulness can be a stress reliever, improve your physical health and can help us be more present, so there’s no better way to start the day. When your mind starts to wander you can focus on the way the brush feels, what you can hear and see. Headspace have even put this handy guide together for extra pointers on how to transform this part of your day!

If you really want to upgrade this part of your morning, get your hands on this Sonic electric toothbrush. The best bit is that this brush is safe and gentle on sensitive areas (including orthodontics and dental work) and it lets you know when you’re pressing too hard.

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Breakfast of champions

When you’re in a rush in the mornings, it’s so easy to let breakfast fall to the wayside, but it’s so important to keep your energy levels up (especially if you’ve got a long commute or you have to walk or cycle to uni) and it can also improve your concentration for that 9am lecture! A great way to make this as simple and as quick as possible is to prepare yourself a juice with all your favourite fruits. This juicer even lets you throw in a pomegranate! It’s also easy to clean and you can download the Philips Healthy Drink app to give you all the juice inspo you need. The real value of this juicer though is the fact that it’s truly high quality. There are a lot of juicers out there claiming to be just as good as ones like this, but all you’ll be left with is a mess and a juicer you’ll never use again, so this is defo worth the investment.

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Don’t forget, if you want to win the Philips bundle enter now. Good luck!

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