Fitness tips for people who've given up already

Raise your hands if you’ve already given up on those fitness New Year’s Resolutions….

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Well you, my friend, are not alone! It’s that time of year again - the smell of Easter egg chocolate is the air, and our resolutions to hit the gym three times a week have gone right out of the window. But there’s always time to get back on the wagon…

1. Spice up ya life

Let’s face it, working out gets boring. There’s nothing worse than dragging yourself to the gym to do the same old routine, and if you’re anything like me, you give up as soon as you get bored of seeing guys in too-tight vest tops. Why not try something different?

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2. HIIT me, baby, one more time

High-intensity interval training workouts are essentially the mother of all burners, and you can mix it up between cardio and HIIT depending on how you feel that day. There are loads of clips and inspo on Instagram to inspire you, my favourites are The Body Coach and Clean Eating Alice. The best bit, you ask? You only need to do 20 minutes of this beast. An image Gif source

3. Classes for your asses

Try out a class, whether it’s something hardcore like BodyPump, or just having a laugh at a Diva Dance class (yes, this super-sassy phenomenon exists). Not only will you have an instructor to motivate you, but also a bunch of other people who will probably be spurring each other on. If nothing else, you’ll laugh yourself some abs! An image Gif source

4. Mates before weights

If you’re struggling for motivation to even get out of bed and get to the gym, why not rope in a mate!? Your pals can help to keep you motivated through the post-Christmas slump, and once you’ve dragged each other through that gym door, you can share workouts and tips. Plus, if you’re super competitive like me, you’ll probably end up working harder whilst pretending you’re a pro. An image Gif source

5. Treat yo’self!

One of the top reasons people get on the gym-hype after Christmas is because they’ve got those new Nike or Adidas threads to slay their workouts in. Treating yourself to a new piece of gym kit every once in a while might just motivate you to start back up and keep going. Even if you feel out of the place in the gym, you know you’ll be looking super fine.
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6. Get back on that wagon

This is the hard part, as you beat yourself up for missing a session, eat a burger, then beat yourself up some more - it’s a vicious cycle. Remind yourself that it’s ok to fall off the fitness wagon, even if it’s for a night out, or two, or three. After all, exercise physiologists claim that working out with a hangover can help relieve hangover symptoms. So head to the gym, sweat out your hangover and earn that hangover snack (I’d advise against intense cardio, no one likes the smell of vomit in the gym). An image Gif source

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