FAQs: software development placement

1. How do I apply?

It's simple! We'd like you to upload a short CV and tell us in 100 words or less what excites you about tech. Don't worry too much about what to put on your CV, we're not looking for anything too long. Just 1-2 pages about your interests, studies, work experience and anything you think we should know about you! There’s also a coding challenge for you to complete - it’s not too complex, just something to test out your programming skills. There’s space on the application for you to supply a link to your solution - you can host this wherever you like, so long as we can access it.

2. Do I need any experience?

None at all. We're not necessarily looking for anyone who's already got loads of experience (although if you do have some we'd love to hear about it). We hope to provide you with a great experience during your placement or graduate job and we’re simply looking for students who are passionate, motivated and willing to learn.

3. What are the benefits of working for UNiDAYS?

Working for UNiDAYS is a really exciting opportunity to join one of the fastest growing businesses in the UK. It would be an excellent start to your future career. You'll be a part of an international organisation that aims to make every experience more valuable and rewarding for students all over the world. You'll be working in a fun and social environment with other people who are passionate about what they do. You'll be able to participate in a whole range of different clubs from photography or cakes to football or yoga. During the summer we all clock off an hour early on a Friday and, of course, you'll be well paid. Winner.

4. Should I be applying for a placement year job, or a graduate job?

That depends on how far through your degree you will be in July 2019. Our placement year is a 12 month programme taken between two years of your degree - usually between the second and third year or the third and fourth if you’re doing a four year course. After your year with UNiDAYS, you’ll go back to uni to finish your degree. A graduate job, on the other hand, is your first step into your chosen career path after graduating. Our graduate job doesn’t have a set end date; we want you to continue to develop with us at UNiDAYS for as long as you have things to learn from us. If you do have to leave us after a year to go back to uni, you’ll always be able to apply for a graduate job with us when it’s time!

5. What will I get out of working at UNiDAYS?

Whether you come for a placement year or a graduate job, your experience working with us will be the same. You'll spend your time with us working in small squads of developers, product owners, UX designers and testers, maintaining our existing codebase and helping to develop exciting new features. We aim to give you a range of different experiences, ranging from working on our front-facing website and mobile apps, to some of the services and tooling that operate behind the scenes, or internally, that help make everything else possible.

If you do have to leave us after a year to go back to uni, you'll finish your time here having had the opportunity to work with a few different teams tackling very different problems. You'll hopefully leave with an idea of where you want to take your career next. Plus, you can always apply for a permanent job in our Tech team once you've graduated!

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