9 awesome iPhone photography tips

Heading away on vacay this year and want to take amazing photos but don't want to risk taking a big camera with you? Here are our 9 top tips for taking awesome photos with just your iPhone!

1. Try black and white

Black and white photos can make things look really dramatic and can actually improve photos that have been taken in low light. ‌

2. Clean your lens

Seriously, that thing is gross and probably blurry.‌

3. Food = no flash

Flash will flood your dish with light and make what's probably a delicious meal look like a pile of poop. Sorry. ‌

4. Avoid using the in-built zoom

Instead, move yourself closer to the subject or crop it after it's been taking. This will avoid distorting and blurring of your photo!

5. Use your headphones

This is a pretty nifty hack! Plug your headphones in that came with your iPhone and use the up volume button to take a photo. This is useful for selfies and if you want to use a tripod!

6. Brightness and filters

Before you start trying all the Instagram filters in the world on your photo, try adjusting the brightness and the saturation. This makes the world of difference!

7. Take too many photos

Do you think professional photographers just take a few snaps and they're done? Nope! They take 100s of photos and then decide on the final 20-30 great ones. You won't always get the perfect shot on the first go. If you do this with your vacation snaps, you'll have the pick of your best photographs. Just don't forget to delete all the old ones!

8. Remember your thirds

To properly frame your photos, the rule of thirds can make a huge difference. Make sure you've got your Grid settings turned on (Settings > Photo & Camera > grid feature) and you'll then see that your camera screen will be split up into 9 equal sections. Then, the rule says that important compositional elements (i.e the most important thing in your photo) should be placed along these 9 sections or the lines of the sections. This will create more interest in what's actually in the photograph than if it was randomly placed. For example, in the photo below, everything has been placed in the bottom two thirds of the image. ‌

9. Turn ona uto HDR

Your HDR is the high dynamic range and it's a mode that automatically enhances the exposure of your photos by merging three different types; a bright and normal and a dark exposure. You won't miss this, it's at the top of the screen when you're taking a photo!

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