7 hangover breakfasts that will save your life

What are you saying New Year's Day? Probably that you almost definitely want a bacon sandwich so let's not mess about. Here are 7 hangover breakfasts that are 100% the one for when you're feeling a little tired and emotional.

1. Eggy-bread grilled cheese sandwich

Seriously, this is amazing. If you're an eggy-bread fan (obv your parents cooked for you in the nineties - yas!) and a grilled cheese fan then this is a guaranteed winner for a quick, cutlery-free breakfast. It even has ham in it! Buttery fried eggy bread, a cheese and ham centre and a giant melted chunk of deliciousness, that's all you need to cure your hangover. Just add ketchup.

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2. The classic bacon sandwich

Red or brown sauce? And perfect white bread. That is all. An image Image source

3. The upgraded bacon sandwich

A.K.A add a fried egg and everything is OK with the world. This is basically a pimped up bacon sandwich, so, if you've got a little extra time or you want to make an effort, this is it! Cook your bacon as you like it, cook your eggs and whip up the barbecue relish if you want the most amazing sandwich ever.

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4. French toast

Sometimes, a hangover breakfast just needs to be sweet. Especially if you've undoubtedly had a savoury snack from the local takeaway on the way home only a few hours earlier. If you want the most delicious french toast then Brioche bread is always a good idea. To make these bad boys, whip together some eggs, milk, cinnamon and vanilla and then give your bread a lil' bath in the mixture. Then, fry them off in some butter in a hot pan until they look like French toast you've seen on Instagram. Add syrup, fresh fruit, berries, anything!

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5. The full English

Let's be real, the full English is the king of all brekkies. If you're not heading out to a well-known breakfast establishment for a full English then I salute you for making the effort. Don't forget the beans and toast though!

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6. The one-pan full English

This recipe is perfect if you're feeling creative! It has a little Moroccan or Mexican baked eggs feel to it thanks to the paprika and chopped tomatoes (depending which other spices you use too!). This guy isn't actually too bad for you either as it's full of protein, antioxidants and fibre.

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7. Greek yoghurt waffles

Another sweet treat to tempt you with. These Greek yoghurt waffles with fresh blueberry sauce look all kinds of delicious. Obviously only available if you have a waffle maker, though, we've gotta break it to you.

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