6 perfect vegan recipes for World Vegan Month

November, as well as being that weird month in between Halloween and Christmas that seems to go by in the flash of a firework, is also World Vegan Month! To celebrate this and all the tasty vegan foods out there we thought we'd put together a bit of inspo for you if you are in fact vegan or you're simply wanting to try a few vegan meals every now and again. These are all vegan alternatives of classic dishes and desserts that we already love, we hope you enjoy!

The brownies

Cake, brownies and desserts are something that I'd seriously miss if I was vegan but, after chatting with some vegan friends I found out that Oreos are vegan! How awesome is that? These Oreo brownies are the absolute dream if you're a transitioning vegan and you love baking or eating baked goods. Squidgy, fudgy, delicious and stuffed with Oreos, there's literally nothing about these that's bad.

The curry

Curries are the ultimate comfort food for cold evenings and this mango and tofu curry means that you can get all the feels of a warming curry and rice without the meats! Grab your friends, settle down in front of a series binge and tuck into this amazingly tasty curry!

The wings

Not chicken - cauliflower! These sticky, spicy and sesame cauliflower wings are a fantastic alternative to chicken wings. If you're a meat eater just trying this out, think of not having to worry about fiddly bones, how awesome is that? Personally, that's one thing that puts me off tasty wings - fiddly gross bones. These cauli wings have all the buffalo taste of amazing chicken wings with lower fat and still some awesome protein.

The roast

If I went vegan then one of the things I would definitely miss would be Sunday dinner. But, this doesn't have to change! This incredible mushroom wellington is beautiful because let's be honest, pastry is life.

The Mexican dish

Luckily, Mexican lends itself quite nicely to vegan food as there are a lot of vegetables as bases for our fave Tex-Mex treats. This particular recipe that I've linked isn't strictly vegan so all you'd have to do is change normal cheese for vegan cheese and of course, lose the cream cheese! Also, corn tortillas are definitely vegan so make sure you've got these bad boys. All you need is loads of veggies like onions, peppers and mushrooms, cooked down with cumin, paprika, garlic and chilli - stuff these into tortillas and sprinkle on some vegan cheese and cook down in a frying pan.

The pancakes

Brunch and breakfast foods can be so easily vegan! This is such a fun fact of life and these pancakes are seriously fluffy and delicious. Melt some berries down in a pan to make a delicious fruit syrup to pour on top. Yas.

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