5 things you can do right now to get fit this January

Like most people, you’ll probably be thinking about how you can get a little fitter and healthier once January rolls around. The good news is that you don’t have to wait until January to make a difference.

I’ve lined up 5 healthy tips that will get you off to the best start possible in 2018. You can give them all a go or add them in one by one but each one can be kept simple and help you make a sustainable change to your health and fitness!

1. Work out your calorie requirements

One thing that all diets have in common is that they get you into a calorie deficit. Weight loss is all down to calories in vs calories out and by understanding the amount of calories your body needs, you can work out how to reach your goals. You can take into account the amount of activity and exercise you do, work out how many calories you need to maintain your weight and then add or take away depending on whether you’re looking to trim up or gain some muscle.

You can do the maths yourself but I recommend using the IIFYM calculator, it can still look a little intimidating but don’t worry it’ll all make sense once you fill out the fields!

Weight loss is all down to calories in vs calories out, by understanding the amount of calories your body needs to maintain it’s current weight, you can begin to add on or take away from that number depending on your fitness goal.

2. Download a couch to 5k app

If you’re not much of a runner but love the thought of hitting a steady 5k round your local park then a couch to 5k app can help massively. At the touch of a download, you get a consistent training plan that gradually increases in intensity and helps you to run for longer over a longer distance. By following a run-walk plan, you get plenty of rest and recovery whilst challenging your body to push a little bit harder each workout. The best thing is there are several free versions of couch to 5k apps so you needn’t spend a penny!

3. Hit a body weight workout

If you think the only way you can hit a great workout is to have a gym membership then think again. Bodyweight workouts are often underappreciated but there are so many things we can do with just our own weight and a little space. Movements like press ups, squats and lunges are all tough, full body movements which burn lots of calories and hit a whole range of muscles.

If you need some extra motivation, check out this epic bodyweight workout by The Body Coach to get you started.

4. Get some healthy recipes lined up

Healthy eating has never been easier, thanks to Instagram we can now get delicious, healthy recipes in as little as 90 seconds. Healthy eating doesn’t mean endless salads and ditching the flavour. It should be about making slightly better choices, eating lots of veg and having a bit more an understanding about what goes into our food and bodies!

5. Save money with MyProtein

Supplements can give you that little extra helping hand, whether you prefer protein shakes or protein bars, you can save an extra 20% with your UNiDAYS discount.

If you’ve not already run off to complete a home workout then I hope you found these 5 tips super helpful. If you’re hoping to achieve your fitness goals this 2018 then it’s all about making small, positive changes that can help get you there!

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