5 male YouTubers you need to follow

Now I don’t know about you but for me, time behind a screen pretty much consists of work, Netflix and YouTube. Catching up on YouTube and watching weekly vlogs has become a serious mini series of its own. Whether you’re into the gym, fashion, travel or anything for that matter, you can bet there’s a YouTube channel for it.

I’m representing for the guys today, I’m betting we’re a bit out numbered when it comes to YouTube channels and so I’ve lined up 5 of my new favourites to add to your subs list.

1. The Lean Machines

The Lean Machines started out as roofers and moved into the world of personal training, using YouTube as a way to spread their message to the masses. Now the duo work full time in the world of fitness with a massive 384,000 subscribers watching their weekly antics. Expect videos on nutrition, exercise and a bit of best mate banter thrown in.

2. Steve Booker

I’ve been a fan of Steve Booker for a few years now. Steve seems like a genuinely down to earth guy with an eye for style and design. He’s often on the road and some of his favourite videos of mine are his UK city series where he explores some of the best shopping and coffee shops right on our doorstep.

3. Alex Harrison

If you’ve got a girlfriend that watches YouTube, you can bet she follows InTheFrow, who just so happens to be Alex Harrison’s other half. Alex was often travelling with Victoria and decided to pack in the day job and use his photography and videography skills to join in on the fun. For me, the way he shoots his videos and his style of filming is really original. He’s fairly new on the scene but is building up a following quickly so be sure to check him out now!

4 GreasyMax

So I cringe a bit at Max’s YouTube handle but I’ll forgive him. I started watching Max’s videos when I was thinking of growing out my hair. Max comes across as a bit more normal than some YouTubers and it’s nice to see what other guys get up to and what they buy. If you’re into street style, a bit of holiday sun and learning about the hardship of growing your hair for a year then Max is your man.

5. Ben Brown

Ben Brown is the travel video master. Honestly, this dude's content is unreal. I feel like tourists boards should be ringing him to do their advertising for them. In particular, I recommend the Visual Vibes series, with his Canada and Maldives videos being some of my favourites. Prepare for mega travel envy though. You’ve been warned!

There we have it, five guys that are killing the YouTube scene right now. It doesn’t look like they’ll be slowing down anytime soon either so get subscribed, get caught up and enjoy watching.

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