5 apps and podcasts for a little extra motivation

As the year comes to an end a lot of you will probably be making promises about how you’ll be more motivated in 2018 to smash your goals. With that in mind, I took a look at some of the apps and podcasts that will get you ramped up for the new year ahead.

I’ve dug deep for this one to really focus on how what you read and listen to can have an impact on how you feel about yourself and the things you can achieve. I’ve picked out 5 handy apps and podcasts you can bring into your life to smash 2018.

Kindle app

If I was to list out the number of motivational books available to you guys I think I’d be here forever. Instead, I’ve picked the Kindle app made by Amazon. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can still read books from their store on your phone and tablet which is pretty awesome. A search on their store for ‘Motivational Books’ returns over 300,000 results so I’m guessing this one will keep you pretty busy.


I know fitness quotes can be a little bit cheesy but they do have a time and place. FitQuote hits you up with a daily motivational quote from successful sports stars. The thing I like about the FitQuote app is that you know the quotes are from people that have really struggled and still made something of themselves.

I wasn't sure whether to include Tony Robbins in this list or not. I think this guy offers both good and bad advice. But sometimes I think it’s about picking the wheat from the chaff and working out what information is valuable to you. Whatever you think of TR, the guy has made a career from public speaking and motivational content. His podcast covers a range of personal and motivational topics such as career success, how to approach wellness and relationship issues. There’s something for everyone here so as I say, take the bits you enjoy and need and don’t worry about the rest!

Motivate Daily app

A bit like FitQuote, Motivate Daily pushes a little hit of motivation to your phone each day. Rather than firing up a quote, Motivate Daily sends over a short clip from some of the best mentors around the world. You can save the videos to watch back at a time when you really need them or build them into part of your daily routine to set you up for the day.

Robin Sharma Mastery Sessions

I first read one of Robin Sharma’s books about 10 years ago and found him to have a really easy going tone and lots of good advice. The Mastery Sessions are probably at the deeper end of internal motivation but if it gets you thinking then that’s no bad thing. One of Robin Sharma’s key areas is giving us the motivation to handle the bad rather than just trying to make everything good.

So there we have it guys, 5 apps and podcasts you can introduce into your life if you’re needing a little extra motivation. I hope these help and get you off to the best start for 2018!

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