4 ways to speed up revision

With exam season just around the corner, you’re probably feeling like your life is being consumed by revision. Oh the joys. Well, if you want some ways to speed up your revision yet you still want to get the information in, you’ve come to the right place. Here are my 4 top tips!

1. Skimming

When re-reading over your notes or textbook information, be sure to skim read. Because you've already read or written the information before, it will be in your brain somewhere, so skimming will help trigger cues to remind you of it. Don’t waste too much time reading, revision should be interactive!

2. Get the tech right

Technology is a big part of our lives, so why not utilise it into your revision? Using your UNiDAYS® discount you can save 15% at Motorola, so now’s the perfect time to get techy! The Moto X Force has some awesome features including a ‘do more using only your voice’ feature which lets you search for information or get answers without even touching it. This will be super handy for speeding up revision as you don’t have to waste time typing or searching as the phone will do it for you. Be quick though, this offer’s for a limited time only! ‌

3. Stick to a plan

If you’ve got a plan in place, you’re going to notice a big difference in how long you’re spending revising. By sitting down and working out what you do and don’t need to go over, you’re going to avoid wasting valuable time recapping something which you’ve already got aced. Plus, what’s better than ticking everything off a to-do list?

4. And finally, get on with it!

Now, this might sound harsh, but one of the best ways to speed up your revision is just to get your butt into gear and get on with it! A lot of people waste time by delaying revision and saying ‘I’ll do it later.’ If you can motivate yourself to do your revision as early as possible, you’ll thank yourself later. Blog-Perk-Motorola_LTO15 Hero Image Source

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