4 of our favourite TV fails

The talk of the world is the epic fail from The Oscars last night, I mean, how? But, this kind of nightmare happens more often than we think! Here are my favourite epic fails from the world of TV and entertainment.

1. La La Land VS Moonlight

"Oh my god, he's got the wrong envelope". The one sentence that you definitely do not want to hear at the biggest award ceremony of the season! But, it happened and now we've all got to recover! It's also a sentence that you definitely don't want to hear when the whole (wrong) cast are already celebrating and thinking that they've won Best Picture. Ut-oh. Come on guys. We're feeling for Faye Dunaway right now.

2. Australia's Next Top Model 2010

"It's Amanda" Poor Keeley, she had a hard time here when the presenter was told the wrong name via her earpiece. How long does it take the products to realise that it's the wrong girl though?

3. Miss Universe 2015

Remember the time that Steve Harvey told Miss Colombia she was Miss Universe when it was actually Miss Phillippines. Yeah, so does he probably. One job, Steve, one job.

4. X Factor 2015 - Olly Murs

Poor Olly faced so much backlash about this. Basically, he announced that Monica, one of the 2015 contestants was leaving the show before the public vote was announced and everyone lost their shit.

One thing we always think is how do these things happen? Producers need to be more organised because these presenters are getting so much flack for something that isn't their fault! They're simply reading out the cards in front of them. Apart from Steve, he just read it wrong. Gutted.

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