17 amazing Bake Off moments

The Great British Bake Off has come to an end and we're super sad that it's over. For three months our lives revolve around cake, pastries, pies and biscuits and we're totally OK with that. Here are our top moments from this series and it might have been the best series yet! At least we've got Christmas to look forward to now to get us through the rest of the year...

1. When Andrew's jousting knights were summat else...

2. Our semi-finalists

These guys are the best of friends. We can feel the love.

3. The innuendos

The innuendos this year were really on top form. From Candice's sticky carpet to nozzling the princesses to Selasi's balls all being the same weight it's been a journey.

4. How Selasi chilled us all out

When even we were stressing at home and he was just 100% chill. sub-buzz-24835-1476890903-1


There are no words for this excitement.

6. The time Selasi visited Val

How cute though?

7. Just Val

Everyone's favourite Nana. Val was our absolute favourite, The way she would do her keep fit, drop everything, listen to her cakes and that speech when she left the competition had us all in bits. https://vine.co/v/55gmPMehjvD

8. Candice's sass

From her lipstick to her insane peacock, we loved Candice. She was also amazing at throwing shade back at haters on Twitter. Bakers got' bake. gallery-1471344076-candace

9. Jane just being bloody great at baking

I mean, she's awesome right? Perfect Mum material.

10. Benjamina's sreamy Instagram

Go follow! It's the best cake-based and prettiest Instagram account ever. You're welcome. ‌

11. Selandrew


12. Andrew's 5 Second Rule

If it's OK with Andrew, it's OK with us.

13. + His ridiculous selfie face

Hi Tom!

14. Kate's epic Halloween cookies

I mean, post-series, but these are amazing!

15. This Jane & Jay comparison

16. When Andrew Didn't Turn The Oven On

One job, dude. Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 10.14.42

17. Selasi, Selasi, Selasi

Just one more thing about Selasi? http://fightfortheuser.tumblr.com/post/149810361096/what-an-actual-babe Hero Image Source

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