6 fashion and grooming tips to help improve your confidence

If you’re feeling a little unsure in yourself at the moment, don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. If it’s simply a case of not loving how you look or feel, there are lots of things that you can do to help improve those areas and bring back a little confidence to your life.

I’ve picked 6 of my favourite tips that I always go back to in order to give myself a boost if I’m not quite feeling my best. Take a look and I’m sure they’ll help you too!

1. Make small investments in your style

We’re not talking a complete overhaul and a whole load of expensive clothes here. Instead, you can make small, consistent changes that will improve your look in the long run.

Allocate a monthly budget for shopping and add items over time to build a solid wardrobe of staple looks. Start with a good pair of jeans and a couple of plain tees, then next month add a denim jacket and a jumper. You’ll be surprised at how easily you can improve your overall style with minimum effort or thought.

2. Fix up your diet

Improving your diet and eating a little healthier is one of the best ways to improve your appearance. If you’re looking tired or feeling a little bit bloated, chances are with a few simple tweaks and few less takeaways you’ll notice a difference. Your skin, hair and beard are all affected by what you eat. You’ll also feel better in your clothes which plays a huge part in how you come across to others.

3. Get a solid haircut

In my opinion, your hair plays one of the biggest roles in how you look. It’s literally on top of your head for all to see on a day to day basis! If you’re not sure what style suits you, take a look on Instagram and Pinterest or better yet, make an appointment with a good barber who can advise you on your new look.

4. Make time for grooming

It’s not about spending hours in front of the mirror, instead you should be developing a routine you can do twice a day in under 10 minutes. It’s so simple, it almost sounds ridiculous but ensure you’re showering with good quality, lightly scented shower gel, brushing your teeth, styling your hair and moisturising your skin.

5. Pick a fragrance line up

As with improving your wardrobe, you want to be thinking about your choice of fragrance. Having 2 or 3 different scents will ensure you’re ready for different occasions and even slight changes in the weather. Opt for something light and not too strong for day to day life. When it’s time to go out for the evening, choose something with a few stronger notes that’ll get you noticed for the right reasons.

6. Add a key accessory

This one might sound a little strange but if you’re just starting to work on your new style, it can be a little internal reminder that you’re trying and feeling confident. It might just be a watch, a hat or a ring but an accessory is your chance to add that finishing touch to an outfit and really make it your own!

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