18 times Kendall Jenner = style goals

Kendall Jenner is the model of the moment, best friend to some of the most amazing celebrities and, in my opinion, the best of the Kardashian/Jenner sisters. There’s a quote that says money can’t buy style, but Kendall Jenner has both (and I’m totally not jealous, not even a little bit, not at all, obviously). She can rock literally anything! From laid-back flats and high pony tail to high heels and chic tailoring to haute couture on and off the runway, this girl nails it every time!

Model Off Duty

She looks as effortless and stylish in ripped jeans and stripes as she does on the catwalk! Obviously sunglasses are her thing - they’re the perfect accessory to all her daytime outfits. My personal favourite is the white-trousers-and-striped-jumper combo; she even looks good in hats! (something that not many people can say) Article-size_KJ_2

Chic Street Style

This is my favourite of her styles; perfect for day or for night. She looks amazing in leather trousers and looks equally as fab in boots, flats and heels. Article-size_KJ_1

Feeling Fancy

Her dressed up outfits are total goals you have to admit. Whether she’s in a naughty mesh and leather number or a girly pink skirt and heels, she’s the envy of people everywhere! Article-size_KJ_3 All images sourced from harpersbazaar.com

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