Comic Con 101: A survival guide

At first a Comic Con event may seem huge and maybe even a little intimidating. Usually it will be held in a large convention center right in the middle of a big city, and the event can last anywhere from one day to a week. It is a place where fans and the stars of your favorite movies gather. It is a place where cosplayers go all out and dress up. And it is a place where everywhere you turn something new will catch your eye. If you plan on attending one this summer or are a just curious about the experience here’s a general guide:


As soon as you walk in you hear the excitement and feel it. On your way to check in you will most likely see a few Deadpools and Batmans. Everything is bright and demands attention. To be honest it may take a moments to focus until you are met with a large “Get Tickets Here” sign. Once in this space you have to take care of some technicalities before you can run into the con and really take it all in. Usually your best bet will have been ordering tickets ahead of time so you can opt into the express lane.

Dealers’ Room/Artist Alley

This is the spot to find all of the merch from your favorite comics, movies, tv shows, etc. Many times Comic Cons will have exclusive figurines that can only be bought at the convention. Pick these up ASAP if you know there is one you have to have. Exclusives go quick so don’t wait for them to sell out.

Also you can scope this area out for one of a kind artwork and limited edition prints from comic artists. Basically if you enter this room, more than likely, you will not leave empty handed.


This where you will see the stars of your favorite shows. Usually there will be a hallway with a bunch of conference rooms and listings of who will be behind each door. The rooms are set up with a bunch of seats for con goers and a mainstage for the celeb and interviewer to sit. Depending on the panel there may even be microphones out in the audience for fan questions to be asked.


In the lobby area is where you can find fellow cosplayers or your favorite characters. In this space lots of pictures are being taken and lots of conversations are being had. Just remember it is proper con etiquette to ask before you take pictures. Most cosplayers will be happy to make a crazy face for the camera, but asking is appreciated.

Gamers’ Room

Essentially it is what it sounds like. There is a room at most cons dedicated to gaming. It will be the home of our more modern gaming systems and old school arcade games alike. Con goers can play all the Street Fighter they want and even enter tournaments for it at some cons. These competitions get intense so it is wise to do some training before the con if you plan on entering.

So Player One… I hope you are now ready to take on a con this summer. Just remember to have fun! Also remember that it is completely normal to see a Deadpool around every corner. Trust me on this.

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