Top 10 joint gifts for parents

Tis’ the season of present buying, and finding the perfect gift can be a tricky task. As the countdown of returning home to start the Christmas celebrations begins, the only deadline that will really matter beforehand will be organising what to get your parents for Christmas.

If you’re low on cash, unsure on ideas or just simply avoiding venturing out into multiple shops questioning whether dad would prefer a spotted or striped tie, or if another scented candle is exactly what mum needs, why not save cash and time and opt for a joint gift for your parents instead? Here are 10 ideas!

1. Speakers from HP

Why not purchase speakers to kit out the lounge? Not only will your parents have multiple opportunities to show them off to their friends, but this present can promise that the best Christmas songs will be played around the house, giving Christmas cheer (and a dance) to all!

HP Speakers

HP Bluetooth Speaker HP Black Wireless Speaker HP 2.0 S5000

2. Buyagift couple experience

If you’d rather treat them to a more physical and active present where you can watch them outside their comfort zone, purchase a Buyagift experience! Why not treat them to an adrenaline filled helicopter flight together? Or, if they'd prefer something more chilled an afternoon tea is always a winner!

3. American Beagle!

Do you ever feel that your parents favour your dog more than you? What other way to impress not only the pup over Christmas, but also your parents, by buying them an extremely cute (& Instagram-worthy) dog outfit from the American Beagle collection. Also, a good buy on a budget!

Dog Christmas Jumpers

4. Design your own case

Make a heart-warming gesture by designing them both (matching) cases for their phones from CaseMate. Make sure to add memorable family photos and countless selfies.

5. Family entertainment!

If you are looking for something to bring the family together after conquering Christmas dinner, why not pick out your parents favourite DVDs on Zavvi that would make the perfect end to Christmas day. We love the new all-female Ghostbusters movie and the magical Now You See Me 2 for new movies to watch as a family. But, we can't forget about the classic How The Grinch Stole Christmas, can we? Alternatively, buy a family fun board game that will bring entertainment all night long, with a hint of competitive family tension.

Board games

The Cube Board Game Jenga Pass The Pigs Giant Game

6. Smartphone screen magnifier

If you’re fed up of showing your parents something on your phone, which results in them trying to zoom in every single time, this gift from IWOOT solves all problems. It definitely will come in handy for the next couple of years, making the purchase 100% worth it.

7. A coffee machine

A coffee machine is definitely going to be needed after all the Christmas preparation and celebration. You can even have a go at making one for yourself, bonus! This Tassimo Vivy from Robert Dyas (where you can save 10% FYI!) is perfect for families.

8. A family meal

Why not take the family out for a meal? A perfect treat for your parents after all the festivities. Also, there will be no washing up! Check out all the student discount offers for eating out here. From La Tasca to Handmade Burger Co and Thaikhun to Chiquito, there's so much choice!

9. Personalised photo book

If you are up for a DIY challenge, a personalised photo book will definitely be a lovely present to give to your parents. Print off lots of photos, and get creative in making a memorable scrapbook. Guaranteed to put a smile on their face on Christmas morning, with a slight possibility of a few happy tears.

10. Framed family photos

If DIY is not really your thing, check out the range of photo frames at House of Fraser. Print out your favourite photos that will make a decorative statement in your house, and put them into one of these lovely frames. A great, thoughtful present for your parents.

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