The lazy guide to gift wrapping

Gift wrapping. The secret bane of Christmas life. Let’s face it, unless the gift is shaped like a rectangle or a square, it’s a nightmare task of epic proportions.

So throw off the shackles of gift wrap hell, cast aside the sticky tape and free yourself from the trauma of putting your fingers through the paper (again). I present to you the lazy guide to gift wrapping: the good, the gorgeous and the unbelievably shiny. No tape required. Because we can't all be as good at Paperchase at wrapping presents.

The good

Gift bags. Oh trusty gift bag, holder of all things awkwardly shaped, how you have rescued me over the years. The only worry here is buying a bag that’s the right size as the rest takes care of itself. The effort required here is quite literally...

  1. Open bag
  2. Put gift in bag
  3. Close bag

If you’re feeling really motivated, you can tape the bag shut afterwards, but… effort.

The gorgeous

A gift box is the underrated time-saving master of the Christmas gift. They look beautiful under the Christmas tree and the recipient can save it and use it as cute storage afterwards.

If you want to add that special touch to your gift box, just pop some Christmassy tissue paper into it before your gift. It’ll also serve as an extra layer of padding for the more delicate gifts too. Win.

The unbelievably shiny

Tin foil. You read that right. The humble tin foil, helper of the kitchen, is the unsung superhero of the lazy. Cut a piece of tin foil that’s big enough to go round your gift and simply wrap it round, with some careful folds to keep it together. That’s literally it. No tape required.

Want to spruce it up? Add a ribbon. Job done. Oh and embrace the tin foil crinkle, it’s inevitable. Only secret Christmas wizards can avoid it.

Don’t know where to start?

Here’s some of what I’ll be wrapping my gifts in this year. Plus, UNiDAYS members get a discount with all these brands too – result!

Gift Bags

Gift bags

Simple, classic, you really can’t go wrong with this crackin’ gift bag from Ryman. We also love this Scandi-style Paperchase beaut and this cute London Bus one.

Gift boxes:

I LOVE this gift box from Paperchase. It’s quirky and perfectly Christmas themed.

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