10 of the best Christmas films

Grab your Christmas jumper, your cosiest blanket and a cup of hot chocolate, and prepare to embrace the cheese, Christmas cheer and happiness, as your marathon of Christmas films begins.

You may be thinking "where do I start"? Or, maybe you need a reminder of the movies you were probably obsessed with during your childhood. So, I am giving you the best Christmas films for you to watch to get in the true festive spirit.

1. Elf

Let’s cut to the chase, we’ve all been face to face with an escalator and have decided to test our flexibility, copying the famous scene of when Buddy ‘rides’ the escalator. Elf is guaranteed to make you smile throughout, scream that Santa is coming, and most importantly it will teach you the best Christmas motto there is.

Elf Gif

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2. Home Alone

After 26 years of gracing our TV Screens, Home Alone is a strong contender for the best Christmas film ever. It makes us want to ‘accidently’ miss all of our family holidays, so we can be just as iconic and heroic as Kevin. The follow up, Home Alone 2, was just as good, gifting us with the sassiest Christmas saying ever.

Home Alome

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3. Polar Express

Arguably one of the best, animated films to date. The beautifully constructed scenes send our imagination wild. And I bet you did not know that Tom Hanks is the voice of six characters in the film. So, where can we catch the Polar Express from again?

Polar Express Gif

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4. The Muppets Christmas Carol

Is there anything that the Muppets will do that we cannot help but love? Throughout we are faced with the Muppet’s mischievous, fun and loving characters, but we also are reminded the seriousness of the story and the message it leaves behind. And, you will possibly shed a tear or two over Tiny Tim. It's also a musical and nothing beats a family sing along.

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5. How The Grinch Stole Christmas (Live-action)

My personal favourite! Not only can we sometimes relate to the Grinch, but his one-liners make this live-action twist on the original one of the best festive films. You’ll definitely want to spend Christmas in Whoville after watching, as no one has Christmas Spirit and decorating skills quite like them. Let’s not forget just how cute baby Grinch is.

Grinch GIF

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6. Love Actually

Nothing says Christmas more than Hugh Grant shimmying from room to room whilst blasting Jump. The celebration of love, friendship and the unexpected certainly warms the heart during Christmas.

Love Actually

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7. The Nightmare Before Christmas

For Halloween or for Christmas? Who knows, but at least we can start watching it in October. With a twist on Christmas carols, this would even appeal to all the Grinch’s and Scrooge’s out there.

Nightmare Before Christmas

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8. Miracle on 34th Street

A film that will definitely pull on the heart strings and just remind you what Christmas spirit is all about. And it features our favourite child star, Mara Wilson aka Matilda.


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9. The Holiday

The ultimate cheesy Christmas rom-com. Nuff' said.

The Holiday

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10. The Snowman

A beautiful heart-melting illustration of friendship that takes you right back to your childhood. Also allows you to test out your vocal skills whilst you gracefully project ‘Walking in the Air’ to the crowd (your siblings) in your living room.


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You cannot really have Christmas without a Christmas film (or ten) right? Nothing quite gets us into the Christmas spirit. So, which one are you going to watch first?

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