5 signs you're a fresher

You bought all your reading list

DON’T DO IT! Wait until you attend your first lectures before buying any books, the majority of the time lecturers will tell you what books you shouldn’t bother with or provide you with better alternatives. If you buy before, you’re stuck with books that will be no use to you, and they’re not cheap! If you come across a book you need, take a trip to the bookstore at your university. Here you will find tons of second-hand books a lot cheaper, and some might even have some super handy annotations. u0YdUkaYoWxfG Gif Source

You blew your loan

It’s an amazing feeling when you see your student loan has dropped, but it is there for a reason! Freshers tend to live the life of luxury for a month and struggle to control their money for the rest of the term. It’s not your fault, you’re new to all this responsibility - just remember, basics are your best friend and bulk cooking is cheap! Pot noodle anyone? yYrYPXatpCMiA Gif Source

You get excited about eating whatever you want

When you become a fresher, it is likely that this is the first time you’re living away from home. I’m not going to deny that having full reign on what you put in your body is awesome, but it doesn’t mean you should eat pizza for every meal just because you can. Even if you really want to. If you're struggling for dinner ideas check out our food & drink section of the blog, there's tonnes of ideas there. 5dUWG7RxjaNEc Gif Source

You try to make friends with everyone

You're in a new city and left your best friends behind, of course you want to make as many friends as possible, this isn’t a bad thing! But once you’ve sifted through everyone you meet over the first term, you find the select few you want to spend the majority of your time with. By third year, these people will be your rock through dissertation time, so choose wisely!

R4hIgGtMajIVW Gif Source You’re already panicking about where to live next year

Yes, you will need to find people to live with next year, but that will come naturally over your first year. Some students move in with course mates and others remain living with the people they live with now. Letting agencies will try and tell you they are running out of properties, it’s not true. Enjoy your time getting to know the people you live with, and worry about looking for somewhere to live a the end of second term, have fun! 14qIliCMe87BwA Gif Source [Hero Image](https://unsplash.com/photos/omeaHbEFlN4)

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