How to stay motivated during isolation

So, the world pretty much sucks right now and it is a difficult time for everybody. Unfortunately for us uni students we still have assignments and deadlines to complete, which is probably the last thing you want to think about. However, it is still important to complete the work especially for final year students. So, here’s some top tips to keep all you students out there motivated and on track with work.

First things first, get up and get ready for the day

I know in isolation it is tempting to have a lie in every morning and stay in your pyjamas but that’s not going put you in a productive mind set to complete work. Set an alarm at a reasonable time, and get out of bed straight away. Jump in the shower, put on a nice outfit maybe even put some make up on or do your hair, do whatever you feel will make you feel good. This tip will help you keep your routine and somewhat keep some normality in your life.

Next up, write a daily to do list

This is a simple step and many of you maybe already doing this, but writing a daily to do list is the best way to keep you productive and motivated during this time. Include normal day to day things, such as ‘make the bed’ or ‘put some washing on’ as well as the work-related tasks. Then breakdown your work in to small tasks and put these on the list. Even put a tick box next to each item so you can tick off each task as you go, and when you tick it off you get a great little feeling! Jazz up your list with some fun colours and drawings too.

An important one, set realistic goals

Everyone can be guilty of putting too much pressure on themselves with higher expectations for what can be achieved. So, setting realistic goals is essential. Start off looking at the bigger picture, what the assignment is and when the deadline is. Then break this down into small goals, for example if you are writing your dissertation, start with something like ‘organise research’ or ‘write draft for introduction’. Once you’ve broken your assignment down, write a weekly to do list containing some of these tasks, then these can be organised into your daily to list. I know it can be tempting to just leave it and do a couple of all-nighters but honestly have you got anything better to do with your time right now?

Keep in touch with your uni lecturers and friends

Although your university campus is shut at this time, that doesn’t mean your university are not there for you. Keep in touch with your lecturers, drop them an email with your work or organise a zoom call with them to catch up about how you’re getting on. It’s the best thing to keep you in some sort of normality and it will help you ensure your work is the best it can be despite the current situation. Also keep in touch regularly with your uni pals, see how they are getting on with work, keep active in the group chats, maybe even organise a zoom call with everyone or even a quiz! Just keep your university life as normal as it can be!

As well as keep your brain active, make sure your body is too and exercise

Again, most of you are all already probably doing this, but it’s important to keep fit and it will keep you sane. Either go for a run, or a walk... if you don’t fancy that do a home work out, there’s plenty on YouTube and social media to follow along to. Exercising, especially in the morning, puts you in a positive mind set and motivates you for the day.

Lastly, take breaks and reward yourself

Although you are probably stressing out about university work, or not stressing at all, it is important to take regular breaks and reward yourself. During the day take short breaks from your work, this will keep you motivated and will ensure your working to the best of your ability. Reward yourself if you’ve completed tasks, treat yourself to a drink or too at the end of the day. Spend time with your friends/family, play games, do a quiz or facetime your pals. Even small rewards can help such as making yourself a nice dinner or treating yourself to a takeaway. This will give you something to look forward to at the end of each day and motivate you to complete your work.

Sticking to these simple but effective tips will help you keep motivated and positive during these uncertain and difficult times. It’s okay to not be okay or in fact be okay. Just look towards the future and keep positive. Stay safe and stay at home.

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