A very 2020 gift guide

Buying Christmas gifts this year is going to be weird. Things we relied on as good gifts like tickets to events, meals out and anything to do with being out of the house are looking like they’ll be off-limits. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t still get a great gift. Here’s some ideas for those who want to embrace the uniqueness of 2020.

1. Plants

Everyone got a bit obsessed with plants this year, didn’t they? Well, it makes sense, especially in Winter when we’ll be indoors a lot more. Plants are proven to boost mood, productivity, concentration and creativity so they will always make a great gift. Why not get this Chinese money plant from Urban Outfitters where you can get 10% off with UNiDAYS.

2. Books

The statistics are in and books sales are soaring! With all this extra time on our hands,a lot of people turned to books to escape from the constant COVID updates! Get Barack Obama’s new book or the thriller of the year Where the Crawdads Sing from Waterstones, where you get 10% off with UNiDAYS!


Let’s face it, we’ve spent A LOT of time in our bed this year- binge watching, logging onto lectures. Giving the gift of bedsheets can transform this sacred space and Urban Outfitters have some dreamy sets, like this black and white moon set that you can get 10% off with UNiDAYS.

4. Disney+

About halfway through the year everyone had ‘completed’ all their streaming services and then along came the shiny new Disney+ with great new memeable series (the Mandalorian) musical premiers (Black is King and Hamilton) and throwback movies! If you know someone who hasn’t got it yet,this is the perfect gift.

5. Masks

We all need them, so why not get someone some stylish masks? This multi-pack from ASOS is equal measures practical and stylish. Don’t forget to use your ASOS discount when you add these to basket!

6. Tiger king puzzle

Was ‘Carole Baskin, killed her husband, whacked him’ stuck in your head for months? Same here. Puzzle + Tiger King, could this be more 2020? For unusual gifts check out Firebox where you get 10% off with UNiDAYS.

7. Hidden message cushion

Everyone needs a bit of a laugh this year so why not send a secret message with this personalised cushion?

8. Pub Quiz book

2020 was the year of the quiz. This gift is perfect for the quizmaster in your life!

9. After quarantine poster

There is light at the end of this tunnel so what better than a gift that remind us of that? This scratch poster is great to keep a bit of optimism in your life. Check out IWOOT for quirky gifts and don’t forget to use your UNiDAYS discount for 10% off!

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