8 back to school braided hair wins

Mornings mean one thing. Sleep > washing hair. Well, it definitely is for me anyway! Hit the snooze button and hand me the dry shampoo. If you're over the top-knot for hiding not-so-fresh locks, let me introduce you to eight fresh braided styles that are perfect for second (and sometimes third!) day hair.

1. Twin braids

If your hair is still lookin' beaut when it's down like Kayley Melissa here and her incredible wig then why not take some front sections away from your face with two simple twin braids? Great if you don't want your hair to be too much in your face for uni. Second-day hair works best with braids because it has a little more hold due to being dirtier so it has more texture!

2. Crowning glory

Crown braids like these are unbelievably pretty and are perfect for long hair. Make sure you have loads of bobby pins handy to pin your braid down and embrace the flyaways for a relaxed look!

3. The classic

The original and the best. Two French plaits are just the prettiest and easiest way to wear braids if you're in a hurry. Patricia Bright shows how they can still be super glam and gorgeous!

4. Workout friendly

Heading to the gym after your lecture? No worries. These cute braids at the side and the top of your hair are functional and they look awesome.

6. #The faux-hawk

I am loving this faux hawk look! Give the appearance of a mohawk in a pretty way by twisting and braiding two small sections of your hair back and securing with hair grips or thin elastics. Leave the rest of your hair loose and free, maybe adding a wave!

7. Boho babe

Follow in Ling's footsteps and pop a couple of braids into the lengths of your hair for a boho look. Make them as random as possible to keep the relaxed hippy vibe!

8. Think pink

These Dutch braids look even sassier with the pink colour added to them. Seriously sweet.

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