5 reasons we're buzzing to get Disney+

Now that we all have a little extra downtime on our hands and, let's be honest, we’re mainly filling it with binge-watching our fave shows or having cute movie nights in. But, have you exhausted every single thing on your watchlist? Well, what good timing, because Disney plus has landed in the UK and you can get a 7 day free trial to dip your toe in and see what they have to offer. Here’s 5 reasons we can’t wait to sign up!

Relive your childhood with Disney and Pixar movies

Nothing is more feel good than going down memory lane and reliving the good days of no exam stress. A lot of you are back in with the parent right now, so cuddling up on the sofa watching the classics; from Toy Story and The Little Mermaid to Up and Ratatouille!

All the superhero films you could ever want

Going to the cinema for the latest Marvel film used to be one of the best reasons to leave the house. But now we can’t head to the cinema, Disney+ is giving us every single Marvel film in one place! Why not line yourself up for a Marvel movie marathon from Iron Man to Avengers: Endgame, it’ll give you hours of entertainment.

You can finally get in on the baby Yoda memes

Since The Mandalorian came out in the US, the baby Yoda memes set fire to the memesphere. Well, now you can finally see baby Yoda in context and you won’t just have to rely on the memes to get a glimpse of that cute face!

New originals

If having all those classics films and TV shows wasn’t enough, Disney+ will also be bringing you fresh new shows for you to dig your teeth into. Everyone’s favourite Zaddy, Jeff Goldblum, has his own show called The World According to Jess Goldblum and High School Musical, The Musical, The Series is a hilarious series which takes a funny twist on one of our faves.

You can watch from anywhere

You can get Disney+ on your TV or, if you prefer, you can watch from your laptop or tablet or even your phone. The best part is you can watch all these shows in 4k. Oh, and you can stream on 4 screens at once so everyone in your house will be happy, and let’s face it we need harmony right now when we’re all locked up together!

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