2019 Met Gala looks reviewed by normal people

I asked my co-workers (who all have varying levels of interest in fashion) to react to some looks from the 2019 MET Gala. The theme this year is Camp: Notes on Fashion and tbh, who really knows what that means. Meet the crew and their stance on fashion:

Shannon: Doesn't care IRL, loooves to judge celebs

Dan: Used to care, now wears shorts to work

Chloe: You can always judge a person by their shoes

Sarah: Loves fashion, can't afford it #BrokeButWoke

Lady Gaga

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Photo: Getty Images

Shannon: School Camp: run under the parachute at the same time as your mates


Chloe: How can she go to the bathroom in this

Sarah: Lady's Gaga's outfit changes is me deciding what to wear each morning and then just losing my sht and saying "fk it, I'll go naked"

Harry Styles

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Photo: Getty Images

Shannon: High enough pants to save on a bra

Dan: Is it weird I noticed his smol hands first? Probs.

Chloe: Looks like he's going to the Yule Ball

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Sarah: Harry wins the Met Gala. Perfectly camp. Perfectly sheer. Perfectly Style-d.

Nichapat Suphap

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Photo: Getty images

Shannon: sand art REALNESS

Dan: The fact nobody is taking pics of her from behind says more than I ever could

Chloe: My Little Pony

Sarah: This outfit reminds me of those foot-long plastic straws of sherbet you got as a kid except you could never get to the good stuff at the bottom before you'd clogged up the straw after the lemon flavour.

Richard Madden

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Photo: Getty Images

Shannon: Is that the paperclip from Microsoft Word?

Dan: I googled "are double breasted jackets back in style?" and the response was "only if you tuck your pants into your shiny boots". Get it

Chloe: Isn't that the guy from GoT? I don't even remember, he died so long ago

Sarah: This guys is playing it too safe for me although the shoes he's wearing are more boot-camp than camp. I do like this look though


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Photo: Getty Images

Shannon: Goldy Horns

Dan: sitting here wondering if awkwafina's hands are bigger than Harry Styles' hands now

Chloe: I literally have nothing to say about that other than that I need a pair of sunglasses to look at her

Sarah: This look reminds me of those gold foil Christmas decorations that were big in the 90s but, like, I'd totally wear this to do my Coles run?

Bee Carrozzini

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Photo: Getty Images

Shannon: It's that time of the year..

Dan: This is v European, and if you don't like it, you have no style

Chloe: There are no words to describe this

Sarah: This does nothing to tickle me...

Serena Williams

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Photo: Getty Images

Shannon: Serene Williams

Dan: Fun fact: Serena Williams is married to the co-founder of Reddit

Sarah: Serena looks gorgeous. I will always love this woman. Her dress makes me crave rhubard crumble and custard. Starting to notice that all of my views are food related....

Chloe: Can we just talk about the shoes hiding under that dress

Caroline Trentini

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Photo: Getty Images

Shannon: Stylish down to the bone

Dan:Is the dude in the back left DRINKING out of his camera or just giving it a lil smooch?

Chloe: halloween called and they want their costume back

Sarah: At first I was like, mate. Halloween is in October but just LOOK at that detail?! Stunning. Scarily stunning.

Mary Kate and Ashley

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Photo: Getty Images

Shannon: "Let's remind people we're twins by wearing matching dresses"

Dan: I ALWAYS feel like they're staring directly into my soul, know my entire browser history, and can see everything I'm ashamed of. WHAT MANNER OF DARK SORCERY IS THIS?! AVERT YOUR EYES!!!

Chloe: What age are they going to stop dressing the same?

Sarah: I'm a 90s kid and I still don't know who is who, but at least now I can refer to one of them as "the one with the yellow"

Constance Wu

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Photo: Getty Images

Shannon:It's called FASHUN darling, look it up

Dan: Me showing up all casual in a sheer, bejewelled gown with a dazzling metallic hair accessory at a party I know my ex is gonna be at

Chloe: 10/10

Sarah: I LOVE this dress! Is it camp? Probably not. But put some jewels and beads on a dress and I'm sold.

Florence Welch

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Photo: Getty Images

Shannon:Wait, they change the theme every year?

Dan: Imagine her and Stevie Nicks at Burning Man together. What would the convos be, I wonder?

Chloe: Florence got the theme confused with 2018

Sarah: Florence turning up a year late to the 2018 Met Gala wearing angel wings.

Kris Jenner

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Photo: Getty Images

Shannon: Momager.

Dan: This made my organs shut down, got me fired, and my Mum even texted to say she doesn't love me anymore just because I looked at this cursed image

Chloe: She's blonde now

Sarah: 500 foot of tulle on Kris Jenner. One foot for every basketballer's career she’s buried

Frank Ocean

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Photo: Getty Images

Shannon: Security Guard Realness

Dan: ON THE OTHER HAND, this cured my depression, paid off my credit card, and got me a promotion

Chloe: Bouncer/security guard vibes

Sarah: Is Frank Ocean moonlighting as security tonight? Seriously Frank, you had so much potential!!

Jordan Roth

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Photo: Getty Images

Shannon: "See you at the Tony's"

Dan: I have whiplash from turning my head away so quickly

Chloe: Looks like a moth


Thanks for the entertainment MET Gala, cya next yr.

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