Tips for long distance relationships

It’s a question that goes through all students minds prior to fresher’s week: can a relationship survive university? Long distance relationships can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be tearful Skype conversations and miserable trips home every weekend. It is possible to have an amazing university experience whilst maintaining and strong, healthy relationship. Here are my 5 tips on how to make a long distance relationship work!

1. Talk

Sounds obvious, but talking is key in making a long distance relationship work. If you’re not seeing each other, it is important to make time to communicate. Keep them informed about new friends you're making, new experiences you're having and prioritise them. If you’re going on a night out with your new friends, I suggest giving your other half a call when you’re getting ready so you’re making time to talk about your day.

2. Don’t expect things to stay exactly the same

Going to university will create changes in your relationship; you’ll be further apart, communicating requires more effort and planning to see each other is essential in making things work. These changes don’t have to be negative, it's an exciting time for both of you and one that makes a lot of relationships stronger.

3. See each other regularly

Planning ahead is something every long distance relationship is going to have to master! Typically students like to go with the flow and take each day how it comes but planning ahead means cheaper train tickets (which means spare cash for nights out!). Try to put your all into your new uni experience and avoid making endless journeys home each weekend to try and make it work - enjoy yourself and plan weekends when you can see each other.

4. Look forward to shared experiences

Once fresher’s week is over and you have settled into your new city, there will be plenty of times that your other half can come and enjoy your new experiences with you. If there was a flatmate’s birthday or a big night out, I would invite my boyfriend along and make a weekend of it. This made my relationship much stronger as he got to know everyone I was hanging out with and became part of the friendship group.

‌5. Be honest

Moving to a different city for uni is harder for some people than others. If both of you have moved away, one person in the relationship may be having a harder time than the other. If you get to uni and you’re not feeling it, let them know. There’s no guarantee that all couples will make it through uni but honesty is always the best policy!

Cute gestures to keep the spark alive:

1. Set Skype dates

Setting Skype dates will make you look forward to seeing each other and telling each other about your new experiences.

2. Send a letter

Might seem a bit old-school but it’s a cute way to tell them you’re thinking of them! N-aww

3. Plan a surprise trip to see them

Organise with their mum or sibling to make a surprise trip home to see them. Surprises = major brownie points!

4. Send a small gift

Sending gifts doesn’t have to be expensive, it’s not about big grand gestures as a student. Simply sending a couple of their favourite things can help your other half to feel a lot more settled and happy in their new environment.
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