The coffee lovers bucket list

If there’s one thing we’re serious about in the UK it’s coffee. The coffee scene has grown massively over the past few years and London isn’t the only place you can find a great cup of joe these days.

Whenever I head to a different city, one of the first things I like to do is check out the coffee scene and hunt out places to go and visit once I get there. This list is by no means complete, I’m sure I’ll leave some of you furious I’ve missed your favourite haunt and it’d be impossible to list all of mine but hopefully I’ve covered a few gems you already love or are about to make your next favourite coffee shop! Plus, it’s International Coffee Day on 1st October and what better excuse do you need to chat about coffee?

200 Degrees - Nottingham

200 Degrees is my local haunt. It was one of the first truly independent coffee shops in Nottingham and paved the way for what is now a busy and exciting scene in our city. Their roast is rich and dark and certainly one of my favourites. They also have nitro cold brew on tap!

Mrs Athas - Leeds

Mrs Athas was one of the first shops I hunted down when I visited Leeds earlier this year. In a scene full of minimalism and industrial vibes, Mrs Athas has its own unique look and feel. Decorative cups, floral plates and antique spoons all help to create a vibrant, antique and quirky feel to this little coffee shop.

Faculty Coffee - Birmingham

Faculty Coffee take great care and pride in the coffee roasters that they stock with The Barn and Elephant coffee just some of the choices on offer. Faculty seem to have a bigger push on filter coffee than some other shops and you can often find a v60 or aeropress in use.

Foundation Coffee - Manchester

Foundation has to be one of the best places to sit and let the world go by. Seriously, this place is beautiful. It has to be one of the larger coffee shops I’ve visited, located in the Northern Quarter in Manchester it’s the perfect spot for catching up with friends or setting up shop and getting some serious work done.

Brew Lab - Edinburgh

Brew Lab is a serious coffee shop. There’s a great focus on serving a special range of single-origin filter, espresso and cold brew coffees. Along with delicious, locally sourced artisanal food. Along with all of this in the evening they serve craft beers, wines and more delicious locally sourced food such as cheeses and meats.

Kaffeine - London

Kaffeine is one of the OG’s of the London coffee scene. They opened their first shop back in 2009 and kicked things off for the cities movement. They opened their second shop in 2015 which serves the same great coffee and a tasty seasonal food menu. If you still haven’t tried Kaffeine then it’s a must!

Colonna & Smalls - Bath

Bath is one of my favourite places. It’s about 20 minutes from my girlfriend’s parents and I always try and visit if we get chance when we are that way. Colonna and Smalls is a super bright and airy coffee shop and the team brew their own coffee off-site. Every little detail is taken into consideration here and they boast some of the nicest cups I’ve seen made by the wonderful deVOL kitchens.

As I said, guys, I know a few of you will be screaming at me for missing your favourite coffee shop. However, in my opinion, I’ve covered some of the best in the UK and whether you’re living south or north of the wall there’s somewhere you can visit next.

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