MaxiNutrition Promax review

Here in the UNiDAYS office, although we have cake once a week (at the least) we're generally pretty healthy and for the past week, the gym-goers in the Marketing team have been trialling some awesome MaxiNutrition products to support our training. ‌
‌ We've been loving the MaxiNutrition Promax protein shakes from the Sustain & Rebuild range in Cookies & Cream flavour and the MaxiNutrition ProMax Bars in Dark Chocolate flavour. Personally, I loved these protein bars. I've tried quite a few from other brands and I normally find them to be really sickly and quite nougat-like in texture which I'm not keen on. I also think you can always taste the protein powder that they have in them and I'm just not keen on that. But, these bars taste like they actually could be bad for you! There's no gross protein texture and they're really chocolatey. At just over 200 calories, 16g of carbs and over 20g of protein, these have really helped me to hit my protein goals. Don't just take my word for how great these are; check out what the rest of the team thought. [blockquote quote="I couldn't believe how much like a treat this tasted! It had all the flavour of a dark chocolate bar with the texture of fudge." name="Grace"] [blockquote quote="Anything that tastes as chocolate-y as this is a winner in my book. Add in 21 grams of protein and you can't go wrong!" name="Becki"] [blockquote quote="I had tried one after my morning gym session and felt full and satisfied until lunchtime... which never happens!" name="Dan"] If you fancy trying some MaxiNutrition products to support your fitness goals, don't forget that you can save a massive 35% when you use your UNiDAYS discount!

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