Ice cream for breakfast?

Lottie is back! We loved her Exam-Friendly Egg Fried Rice post so much we've asked her back to do a mini series for us. Today it's all about the smoothie. I think revision-eating is a real student problem. It’s up there with housemates who steal milk, vivid dreams about that elusive 70% and the heart-breaking discovery that River Island doesn’t offer student discount all year round. Whenever I start revising I also start a mass consumption of just about anything that is bad for me. Maltesers are my particular weakness, but each to their own. But luckily, as I’m now in postgraduate study, I’ve worked out how to control my revision-eating urges. Want the secret? Ice cream for breakfast. Well, not proper ice cream. It’s a cheat's ice cream that is actually just a blend of frozen fruit and your choice of milk, whether it’s original dairy or coconut or almond! smoothie-1 You can either keep your smoothie super thick so it serves like a soft-scoop ice cream or add enough liquid to thin it out to drink. And I swear, tastes just like ice cream or a deliciously thick and creamy milkshake. Winning! So this frozen smoothie is the secret to busting revision cravings AND is the perfect start to any day of note taking. It also serves as a great snack and even a post-workout treat (add a shot of protein powder in, if you’re that way inclined). It’s also a doddle to whip up. Grab a blender and shove all your ingredients in at once. Blitz, slurp, Instagram and then go own those note cards. smoothie-2

For Frozen Banana and Strawberry Smoothie you will need (serves 1-2):

1 banana, sliced and frozen 1 handful strawberries, frozen 1 mug of milk (cow’s, coconut or almond) 1 tsp honey 1 shot protein powder (optional)


1. Put the frozen banana and strawberries in a blender. 2. Add the milk and blitz until smooth. 3. If a little too thick, add more milk until you reach your desired consistency. 4. Add honey to taste and protein powder if using. Blend again. 5. Drink!

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