8 microwave meals with a twist

Cooking for one can be tricky, and you can often end up with a feast for a family of six in the oven, breaking the bank at the same time! So we’ve done our research and found some super easy, purse friendly, quick, meal ideas for one for you to whip up…in the microwave! You’ll be impressed for sure…cheesecake in the microwave?! Who knew! First up, breakfast, the best meal of the day!... Breakfast Scrambled Egg & Bacon – we think a few mushrooms would taste pretty great too! Bacon top tip – try placing the bacon on an upside down bowl; the extra fat will drip down the sides! You’ll never know it came straight out the microwave! Chia Oatmeal Breakfast Bowl – change it up and use whatever fruit you fancy, raspberries would be amazing! lydia-article-8 c/o choclatecoveredkatie.com Lunch and dinner Salmon – super quick, super tasty & super good for you! Baked Sweet Potato – Much faster than an hour in the oven! We love a (big) dollop of cottage cheese on the top too, yum! lydia-article-9 c/o layersofhappiness.com Mac n Cheese – A lifesaver, for sure! lydia-article-10 c/o ellaclaireinspired.com Dessert Nutella Mug Cake – It has Nutella in it, say no more. 10 Minute Microwave Cheesecake – Yep, we’re amazed too! lydia-article-7 c/o kirbycravings.com If none of that tickled your taste buds then check out our Nom Central Pinterest board for loads more food inspo!

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