4 reasons to start working out at home

We all know that working out is gonna make us healthier, stronger, less stressed and more energised. Plus alittle bit happier all round!

So why do some of us find it so hard to get off our backsides and drag ourselves to gym?! Seriously guys, I live a five minute walk from my nearest gym and still struggle to get myself there.

With that in mind, I’ve been trying home workouts and I’ve come up with 4 reasons you should give them a whirl. So grab your trainers and a drink, it's time to get started!

1. It’s free

Gym memberships can vary from £10 a month to £100+ but if you never go, that’s serious cash being wasted. Working out at home is completely free. Sure you might decide to invest in some kit eventually... but over time it pays for itself and you’re back to that cost free, fitness lifestyle.

2. You can wear whatever you want

Sure it’s nice to invest in fancy gym kit but training at home means that you don’t need to invest too heavily on something to work out in. Instead you can fix yourself up with a couple of different sets of gym gear and rotate those. That means no more ironing your gym tees at 6am and no more worrying about see through leggings!

3. Making your workouts, work for you

Let’s face it, most of us are rushed off of our feet 24/7. Between studying, work, friends and everything else, how are we expected to workout too? By switching to home workouts, you can split your workouts into short sharp sprints throughout the day. Switch the hour and half you need to get to and from the gym for three, 15 minute HIIT sessions as times that are convenient for you.

4. Abs are made in the kitchen

How many times have you heard that saying? Well it’s kinda true. Getting in shape is mostly down to what we eat. By training at home, you’re in the best place to make a nutritious home cooked meal post workout. You can avoid the Greggs and McDonalds on your walk home from the gym and make sure you keep on track with your newfound healthy habits.

There you have it guys, 4 awesome reasons to try working out at home for a change. The ultimate thing is do what feels right for you. We don’t find time to take care of ourselves, we make it!

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