4 Mother's Day brunch ideas

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show those special ladies in our life some appreciation for everything they do. Here at UNiDAYS we’re all about the little things, so we think something as seemingly small as letting your mum put her feet up whilst you make her brunch is such a lovely gesture. Need a lil’ brunch inspo? We feel ya. We’ve found 4 brunch ideas that are super easy to whip up, two of which are sweet and the other two are savoury!

1. Sweet: fruit and cream cheese pastries

Is it ever too early for pastries? NOPE. You can whip these fruity delights up in around 30 minutes, so they’re ideal if you’re a busy bee. These are also great because any kind of fruit will work, so whether your mum is a strawberry kind of gal or prefers an apple, you can tailor them around her. The sweetness of the pastry combined with the tanginess of the cream cheese is guaranteed brunch heaven.

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2. Sweet: mixed berry, chocolate chip and Greek yoghurt pancakes

Pancake Day might have been and gone, but who cares? Not us. Pancakes are the perfect brunch option as they’re quick and easy to make yet super tasty too. These ones are packed full of fruity goodness as well as melting chocolate chips. Oh, and they’re super fluffy too. Pancakes of dreams or what? In just 6 easy steps you’re going to have one very happy mum - mission accomplished.

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3. Savoury: ham and cheese croissant with honey mustard glaze

These croissants are definitely the way to your mum’s heart this Mother’s Day, just look at all that cheesy goodness. Cheese = life. With only 7 ingredients and 4 simple steps, these little bad boys are going to go down a treat.

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4. Savoury: avocado and poached eggs on toast

As well as being utterly delicious, this lil’ avocado treat is great in terms of nutrition - all the protein and vitamins! To make this all you’re going to need is bread, avocado, salt, pepper, eggs, vinegar, lime and some seasoning - you’re likely to have most of these ingredients anyway so it’s not going to break the bank. Winner! And, can we just appreciate how good those eggs look?

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