4 awesome gadgets to help you workout

Whether you’re just getting started on your fitness journey or you’re a seasoned, limbered up professional, there’s no denying that a shiny new piece of tech can help out workout motivation.

From tracking statistics to giving us that extra push, workout gadgets have definitely found a way into our sweaty gym sessions and I’ve picked out four awesome bits of kit to help you workout harder, better, faster, stronger!

Fitbit Charge 2

If you’re a fan of tracking stats and steps then you can’t go far wrong with a Fitbit. The Charge 2 is the brand's number 1 selling tracker and for good reason.

SmartTrack is able to instantly tell what kind of exercise you’re doing and begin tracking it right away, you can set up movement and rest reminders and keep a grip on your heart rate to make sure you’re working to your max.

The Fitbit is also ideal as it lasts for up to five days on a single charge and can be bought brand new for less than £150. You can also save 10% when you use your UNiDAYS app and by from selected retailers!


The Beeline tracker was featured on Dragons Den and is perfect for those that prefer to get off the grid and jump on two wheels. The tracker mounts to your handlebars, is completely waterproof and rather than dictating every turn you should take, advises on routes and lets you explore your own journey.

Jaybird X3 Headphones

Jaybird headphones are ideal for those that get a little bit too sweaty when working out. The buds use a hydrophobic nano coating which in less tech speak means they’re completely safeguarded against sweat and even rainwater.

You can simply connect the headphones to your streaming device and, thanks to the super long battery life, be safe in the knowledge you have up to 8 glorious hours of music available, enough for even the slowest marathon runners among us.

Under Armour Gemini 3 Shoes

If taking your expensive phone on a run has you feeling kinda weird, then these trainers could be about to solve all of your problems. The Gemini 3 shoes are currently in the pipeline with Under Armour and have a fitness tracker built right into the soles of the shoe.

The trainers will use an accelerometer to measure your distance, pace and all of the important details and can connect to your phone by Bluetooth to upload the data when you return home.

They will also feature small tests that measure how warmed up your body is and whether you’re ready to hit the ground running at any given moment.

I’m exhausted just looking at this list guys, but I hope that these four awesome gadgets have given you some inspiration and will help you out on your next workout!

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