3 super easy heat free hairstyles

Hair dryers, straighteners and curlers can all be used to create a flawless hairdo and these days they are so quick and easy to use, but... too much heat really isn’t good for your hair! So with this in mind, here are a few ideas to help you mix it up and stay away from the heat:

1. Braid it up

Whether simple or complicated, a braid is an easy way to make your hair look like you’ve made an effort. Regular three strand, fishtail, dutch, upside down, four strand. The list is endless. At the moment I’m personally loving the waterfall braid - if only I was this skilled at doing it myself. I best get practising, ready for festival season!

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2. Half ‘n’ half

Half up and half down hairstyles also offer a variety of different options to mix things up a little. Most popular at the moment is space buns which Ariana Grande has been seen rocking, straying away from her usual high ponytail! Maybe we should all follow in her footsteps and try something new every now and then.

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3. Wavy baby

Wavy hairstyles are perfect for adding volume and creating movement, which is probably particular appealing to those of you, like me, who have fine hair. I know first hand the struggles of having flat hair. Adding some waves is an easy option to make your hair look thicker and full of life. There’s a variety of different techniques which can be used to create this look without the use of heat. Such as: wrapping your hair around an elasticated headband, pinning your hair with a duckbill clip and braiding damp hair.

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Voila! There you have it. Three simple options for achieving heat free hairstyles! If you fancy giving one a go, be sure to let us know @myunidays on Twitter.

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