15 quirky bars now delivering cocktails to your doorstep

Everyone getting used to this isolation thing? Yup, us neither. But there is a way to make this crazy time a little easier to manage, and it involves cocktails. DesignMyNight are here to spread the word about the amazing London and UK bars delivering boozy care packages that are sure to go down a treat. Whether you’re in the mood for whisky from a pouch or spiced rum in an OTT tiki mug, here are the best ways to get your drink on without having to leave the house.

Dangerously-Good Drinks From London’s Spookiest Pizzeria

Not every day in isolation has to suck, especially when you’ve got the world’s one and only vampire-themed pizzeria delivering hot slices and scarily good sips straight to your door. As well as their famous black charcoal-based pizzas, Lost Boys Pizza are delivering boozy treats in the form of a fun lemon and rhubarb vodka blend, the crowd-pleasing espresso martini and a game-changing Aperol spritz kit for guaranteed self-isolation summer vibes.

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Spiced Rum From An Exotic Bar

A tropical escape may not be possible at the moment, but that doesn’t mean we can’t pretend we’re on a beach somewhere far, far away. Need some help creating the desert island vibes? Cue Laki Kane’s famous spiced dry rum; a fool-proof way to turn any cocktail you make into a huge success thanks to its secret ingredient. You can get a big ol’ bottle of the stuff delivered to your house (ahem, we mean Airbnb in Bali…) - go the extra mile by buying and serving it up in one of the bar’s fun signature tiki glasses.

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Cocktail Survival Kits From A ‘Grammable Hangout

Whether you’re being sent stir-crazy by your housemates or just a general lack of time outdoors, Batch is here to help you through with their alcohol-heavy survival kits. You’ll be fully equipped with everything you need to knock out a bar-worthy blend, as each kit includes a spirit and mixer, fruity garnish, bag of ice and even a glass straw. Play it safe with a classic G&T or go big with a single malt scotch paired with ginger ale and lime. They’re also selling bottles of quirky pre-made sips like their cherry cola, ‘Bananaruma’ and ‘Punchy McPunchFace’ (clues are in the names, folks).

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Drinks Pouches From A Whisky Hotspot

We think we’ve found the best way to drink whisky, and it doesn’t involve forking out for an expensive crystal tumbler glass. All you need is £7, a letterbox and a little patience while you wait for Black Rocks’ Capri Sun-style whisky pouches to arrive through your door. But what else from a bar that boasts a giant tree trunk dispensing the stuff from golden taps? Extra? Yes. Necessary? Also yes.

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Inventive Sips From An Award-Winning Bar

This award-winning Shoreditch bar is all about showing the city a good time, even when we’re not allowed to leave the house. There may not be cocktails waiting on the other side of their secret wardrobe door, but there are libations ready to be sent out to thirsty Londoners that need a quirky sip in their lives. All bottled in hefty 750ml servings, the concoctions include everything from a sweet peach whisky blend to a zesty mix of lime juice, ginger ale and tequila.

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Prohibition Cocktails From A Speakeasy Liquor Store - London

One bar is turning lockdown drinking into a whole damn theatrical experience, but then again, THIS IS London’s wildest Western-themed cocktail bar. Yup, Moonshine Saloon is open for business, but instead of keeping their illicit liquor trade to the confines of the building, they’re expanding their operation with a prohibition-style cocktail delivery service. Taking on the disguise of Cassidy’s Pharmacy, they’ll be smuggling bottled concoctions into your home, from margaritas to passionfruit spritz, and if you’re planning on getting your delivery man to break character, you’ve got another thing coming…

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Tea-Themed Tipples From A Sultry Drinkers Den - London

This Islington date night staple may be currently off limits, but The Four Sisters are continuing to quench our thirst with quirky sips, even if it’s not inside their plush drinkers den. All arriving in charming little retro bottles that will no doubt look the part in your drinks cabinet, each £25 cocktail contains four punchy servings for you to share around the household or keep for your own secret stash. The quirky offerings feature anything from a Chamomile Gimlet to a belly-warming Cafe au Lait.

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Creative Concoctions From A Top Immersive Bar - London

Typically preoccupied with running their immersive WWll and Breaking Bad-themed cocktail experiences, the folks at Lollipop are turning their attention to deliveries and bottling up their much-loved drinks from their Chelsea bar (you may know it as the spot with a Champagne-dispensing unicorn head on the wall…). Packaged in bountiful boxes of six to 12 bottles, you can fill your fridge with sangria, tropical punch or their flat white bro made from dark roasted espresso, coffee liqueur and vegan Baileys.

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Sweet Libations From An All-New Zero-Waste Bar - London

While London’s brand new zero-waste bar would be bringing in nightly crowds of cocktail lovers under different circumstances, Tincture are instead making their mark through online deliveries. All organic and encased in a glossy silver pouch, the sustainable sips come in fun flavours, including orange sherbet and Aperol, a rhubarb-based blend and an unconventional negroni featuring blackberry-infused pink pepper gin.

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Innovative Drinks From A Brooding Basement Bar - London

Branching out from their basement setting in Shoreditch, Happiness Forgets are coming in hot on the delivery scene with a huge array of inventive drinks to order. Each hand-crafted cocktail serves two and will be delivered alongside ice and a garnish, so not only are they great value at £15 a bottle, but they should also make for some solid Instagram content. Prepare to be obsessed with their exotic Tokyo collins featuring yuzu and sake, or really push the boat out with their unique ‘Handy Dandy’, starring apple brandy and pomegranate.

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Boxed-Up Blends From A Much-Loved Shoreditch Pub - London

One London location that certainly can’t be accused of doing things by halves is The Nelson’s pub in Shoreditch. They’ve teamed up with 1929 Agency to deliver boozy supplies across the nation, going all out by scrapping the option to purchase a single portion and selling their cocktails in boxes of two to four bottles. These weighty parcels can contain anything from a vegan punch to a botanical rum and raspberry blend - and the award-winning, lab experiment-esque ‘Miracle’ cocktail that switches from sweet to sour in seconds.

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A Vegan Drinks Menu From Manchester’s Secret Bar - Manchester

This secret spot in Manchester is typically known for catering to party-goers of the plant-based persuasion but despite being forced to close their hidden doors, Speak In Code are still sticking to their guns with a delivery menu of food and drink that’s 100% vegan. The bottled signatures on offer include a bold chipotle-infused tequila blend with cinnamon and raisin bitters, and a botanical rhubarb gin number.

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Cocktails In A Can From A Beloved Bristol Outpost - Bristol

If you thought the cocktail delivery scene couldn’t get any more wild, it’s about time we introduced you to cocktails in a tin. While these beauties are currently unavailable, it’s well worth keeping an eye on Filthy XIII’s Instagram for updates on the restock, as not only are they fun, freezable and affordable at just £7 a pop, but they also come in four winning varieties from a gin martini to the widely loved old fashioned. Need one more reason to keep these deliverable drinks on your radar? A purchase will go towards their crowdfunding scheme set up to support their staff.

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Crafted Sips From The Cocktail Masterminds Of Scotland - Edinburgh

If you can trust anyone with your cocktail needs during lockdown, surely it’s got to be the team behind three of Edinburgh's slinkiest bars? Mothership Scotland are doing what they do best by sharing their quirky creations with people through their fully fledged online shop. Play it safe with a big ol’ bottle of their fruity gin Braemble or go in hard with the bottle aged Brooklyn, a heady blend of bourbon, vermouth, bitters and finished with a bittersweet French aperitif.

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Margaritas By The Litre For A Mexican Fiesta At Home - Glasgow

If you’re looking for a cocktail delivery to save for a sunny day, Glasgow’s Mezcal has to be on the top of your list. Host your very own cocktail-fuelled fiesta in your garden with the help of their summery sips, including a frozen lime margarita and their ‘Margarita-Lita’… served quite literally, by the litre. You can also soak up the drink with their diverse array of Mexican eats, from chicken tinga quesadillas to fish tacos and monstrous burritos for the extra-hungry.

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For more information on cocktail bars in London, visit DesignMyNight.com and follow them on Instagram and Facebook; @DesignMyNight.

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