Zero fat & zero sugar?

To celebrate the awesome boosted 15% off MyProtein discount we wanted to give you guys more of an insight into their awesome products. They're more than a pretty face and protein powder ya know! First up are the My Bar Zero protein-packed snack bars. These babies weigh in at 20g of protein (on average), which is an awesome way to up your protein intake for the day, they also only have about 3g of carbs and only 6g of fat. They also have absolutely zero sugar and are available in single bars or in packs of 12 and in 7 yummy flavours. We taste tested the whole range, because we're good like that.

Joint 1st Place: Cookies & Cream and Chocolate

These guys are on point with their flavours! We couldn't choose the winner out of these two, as they're both so yummy. Try warming up your chocolate one for a few seconds in the microwave and you've got a gooey mess that tastes amazing. Bar-zero

2nd Place: Caramel Peanut

The perfect blend of peanuts & caramel - this was almost in 1st place as well but there's no room for 3 on the top spot.

3rd Place: Almond Vanilla

Almond won itself 3rd place in the UNiDAYS® leader board as it was quite true to taste, a little bit marzipan-like and pretty tasty.

4th Place: Lemon Cheesecake

The texture of nougat with lemon isn't the best combination; we definitely prefer the sweet and sugary flavours for these bars.

Joint Last Place: Apple & Cinnamon and Strawberry Vanilla

The fruity flavours were our least favourite, particularly the apple as it had actual pieces of fruit in it which gave it a funny texture.
We were also lucky enough to trial some of the amazing My Syrup range. This is available in five flavours and has absolutely zero fat and zero sugar - plus they taste awesome. We tried out the My Syrup in Maple Syrup flavour. Our social gal Katie tried it out on her porridge and said that 'it definitely sweetened it up and was a great substitute for honey!'. It's also awesome on top of protein pancakes and fruit and yoghurt. This is a winner from us, we just want to try the other flavours. Have you guys tried any of these products? Tag any of the social guys on Instagram and you could be included in a Myprotein shoutout! Remember we're: @UNiDAYS_Allie @UNiDAYS_Katie @UNiDAYS_Dan

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