Where to eat for 4th July in London

We may be 3,000 miles away from our friends across the pond, but how better to celebrate the USA's Independence Day than with a delicious lip-smacking American feast? From mac 'n' cheese to hotdogs to s'mores to Frito Pie, we've got it all.

Here are my top picks of American cuisine and restaurants in London for you to make your American eating dreams come true.

Comfort Kitchen

If you are looking to celebrate with some authentic southern food ...then look no further.

Get the full Southern experience at Comfort Kitchen, with every Southern dish you can imagine. From collard greens to cornbread to baked BBQ beans to fried shrimp grits. Don't even get me started on their spicy buttermilk fried chicken! You will really feel like you're in the South once you get a bite into these Southern flavours.

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Mayfair Pizza Co

The Mayfair Pizza Company is celebrating July 4th like no other, by taking their diner's taste buds to food heaven. They'll be combining three classic American favourites - mac 'n' cheese, lobster and pizza - into one mouth-watering dish. You don't want to miss the chance of bragging about having this concoction.

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The Diner

With a choice of eight London locations to choose from, make sure you get yourself to one of them, as The Diner will be serving up their limited edition July 4th menu. We're talking traditional American desserts like s'mores and amazing savoury dishes like Frito Pie. Frito corn chips topped with beef chilli, sour cream, jalapeños, cheese and coriander. You can't help but lick your lips whilst reading their menu.

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The Blues Kitchen Shoreditch

Do you have a love for hot dogs? Ever wondered how many you could eat in just 30 minutes? If yes, head on down to The Blues Kitchen Shoreditch, as they host their annual Independence Day bash and hot dog eating competition. This is sure to be a great night of laughs and maybe a bit of belly pain.

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Sticky Wings

If you want some American Wings goodness, pass by Sticky Wings and get stuck into their American Buffalo Wings. We all know the portion sizes in the US are far bigger and nothing like we are used to. At Sticky Wings you have a choice of ordering an English or American portion size, how cool is that? Do bear in mind it is July 4th and we want to be as American as we can!

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Happy 4th July guys, get stuck in!

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