Top tips to improve your revision!

Exam season is looming. Have you started revising yet? No? Don’t panic! The fact of the matter is, everybody is different. You may need to revise for months before your exams, you may prefer to leave it until the night before (side note: don’t do this). Either way, I’m sure you could use some stellar revision tips! revision-3

Draw up a timetable

To ensure you don’t get too flustered or waste any time, draw up a timetable so you can effectively plan your time. Try to mix up the order of the subjects you’re revising for and keep the sessions to 20-30 minutes long with 5 minute breaks in between so your concentration is at it’s best.

Play to your strengths

Do you learn more from writing something down, reading it or saying it out loud? Are mind maps your thing or do you prefer post-its? Figure out how you learn best and use it to your advantage.

Make Sure You’re In A Learning Environment

Whether that be the library, a coffee shop or your desk, make sure you aren’t sat in bed. Bed is for sleeping, not working. Being in a learning environment will make your brain work harder as it associates the environment you’re in with studying, not sleeping. Also, sitting in bed for long periods of time is really bad for your posture.

Reward yourself

I’m not saying eat an entire cake every time you do an hour’s revision, you’ve got to be sensible. When you’ve had a productive day treat yourself to a bubble bath, a glass of wine or a few hours watching your favourite TV show. You’re brain needs the down-time and you deserve the treat! revision-4

Use your family and friends

Get people to test you. You’ll see how you do in a more ‘under pressure’ type situation and you’ll know which parts you need to work on more than others. Try get them to ask questions from past papers, if possible, then you know it’s relevant as well.

Don't stress

This may be a futile point, of course you’re going to get a little stressed whilst revising. It’s what happens! But you don’t have to let it take over. Take a break for a cup of tea every now and again. If you start to get too stressed, take a step back and breathe. Or maybe even try a short yoga session to get your anxiety levels down and your brain power up! revision-1

Waterand sleep

Keep hydrated, it will boost your productivity and ensure you don’t start to slump. The same goes for sleep. Nobody can revise well on a poor night’s sleep! Your body and brain, needs to rejuvenate after a hard days work and going to bed at 2am isn’t going to do you any favours!


Whether it be a 45 minute yoga session, a 30 minute run or even a 15 minute brisk walk to uni: your brain function has been proven to improve after exercise! If you’re not feeling breaking a sweat, meditation has also been proven to help memory, attention-span and reduce stress!

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