Top 9 unmissable iPad apps for uni

Sitting at a laptop for studying (and browsing ASOS) can become a bit of a drag and can sometimes be uncomfortable on your shoulders, neck and other areas of posture. Sometimes it's time to kick back, grab your iPad and take a more relaxed approach to studying. The thing about an iPad is the dinky size in comparison to a laptop and the fact that it's also bigger than your phone and therefore more suited to loads of things like reading, surfing the web and watching videos. Here are my top 9 apps (in no particular order!) that I think are great for uni in terms of organisation, fun and more!

1. Missguided

I said in no particular order, don't judge! Missguided is the perfect break from reading lecture notes and writing essays. Get shopping from the comfort of your sofa with their handy app.

2. RefMe

RefMe is a really useful free app which supports loads of different referencing styles that you'll undoubtedly need for referencing your sources in essays and reports. RefMe makes it easy to create projects, annotate web pages from the internet and add quotes from books that you may have borrowed from the library with its handy barcode scanner. This will make sure that your bibliography is definitely in the correct order and save you losing valuable marks on silly things that could have been avoided.

3. Google Drive

You've definitely heard this before but back up, back up and back up your work again. Keeping a disk drive or a memory stick is all well and good until you lose it and you can't rely on always getting the same PC in the library. Make sure that you're saving your work to a cloud or an online drive such as Google Drive too. Plus, with the iPad app, you can access your work from anywhere that you have wifi so if you have a brainwave on the train and you've got free wifi - jot that down!


Obviously I couldn't go through a blog post about apps without including UNiDAYS. Shameless, I know. But, seriously, you'll save so much money on the things that you already buy so download it here now! Make sure you keep up to date with our latest app update too. Article_Apple

5. Kindle

Reading on tablets and iPads splits opinions but I really enjoy it. I like that I don't have to turn actual pages and if I want to read a larger or hard-back book, I can do this easily!

6. Padstagram

Instagram had to be in here because it's definitely one of my favourite apps and I really like it on the bigger iPad screen. More room to double tap!


Along the same lines as Missguided has to be ASOS. Whenever I need a break, it's time for a little scroll in the New In section.

8. Pinterest

Pinterest is awesome for ideas for uni projects, style inspiration and recipes. I always use it for grabbing new ideas for new recipes to whip up in the kitchen. I used Pinterest a lot when I was at university as I studied Fashion Marketing. There's always an idea that you can adapt, gain inspiration from or share with your group.

9. YouTube

Last but not least, YouTube is the video version of Pinterest for me. I'm always on the lookout for tips, tricks, inspiration and more and sometimes it's just nice to be lazy and watch a video instead of read a recipe online! Don't forget that you can save up to a huge 10% at the Apple Store For Education using your UNiDAYS student discount. That's a whole load of dollar to save on some seriously essential study aids.

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