Study tips to level up in 2020

It’s a new’s a new DECADE! Although sometimes nothing changes, a change in date can be a great time to adopt new habits that’ll help you thrive. So no matter how you’ve been doing up until now, it is the perfect time to reset and turn things around with these study tips.

Pick a good study space

Everyone has ideas on what makes the best study environment for them, so whether its at the library, in your room or somewhere else, make that space work for you. This space should be free from distractions, comfortable and lets you work the way you want to. So, if you like going to the library but keep being distracted by people you see there, it might be time to make your room your study space. Also, although your bed might seem like a nice comfy place to study, separating work from the place you relax can help you work better, no matter how much of a good idea it seems to work from your comfy bed.

Do bits every day

If you have an exam or deadline somewhere in the distance it can be easy to say ‘I have plenty of time’ or ‘I work best under pressure’, which can be true, but if you start by making incremental progress each day you can give yourself more time to edit, read or do whatever you need to do to level up. If you also start making notes as you go along, it can help you get into the habit of looking back at what you’ve done.


Make handwritten notes

It’s scientifically proven that if you make handwritten notes we are more likely to retain information than working strictly off of a screen. Of course, iPads, laptops and other tablets are essential to studying, but picking up a pen can be very beneficial.

Look after yourself

Uni and school can be an intense time, especially when there’s always another exam or essay due round the corner, that’s why it’s so important to look after yourself. When it’s time for revision or writing that essay, it’s so important to eat well and rest properly. It can be tempting to eat lots of comfort food and stay up late to achieve as much as possible, but it’s often counter-productive. If your body feels exhausted and isn’t nourished then it’s unlikely that your brain will be able to take in lots of information.


Don’t follow what works for others

Your friend might show you their colour-coded revision cards, and it can make you feel like your revision isn’t going as well because all you’ve done is make a bunch of notes on lined paper. However, just because it works for others doesn’t mean it will work for you and that’s fine. You don’t have to be the same as everyone else, so do what works for YOU. Some people like to work in absolute silence and others with a bit of background music. Neither is better than the other, you just need to be honest about what works for you and not get peer pressured into following the latest study trend.


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