Reliable sources for COVID19 info

The past week has been pretty crazy. It’s been full of news updates, memes, mixed feelings and a lot of uncertainty. It’s also been full of a lot of misinformation and I’m sure you’re part of a whatsapp group or two, where people keep sending dubious information. Well, we’ve put together a list of resources that are giving reliable information, so you know where to go for the latest information.

Medical advice

There is ONE place to get medical advice from and that is the NHS website..

Getting your info from here will ensure your facts are backed up by medical professional and also ensures false information is not passed on.

There are different sections for staying at home and a place to check your symptoms using the 111 online service.

Government measures

It can be hard keeping up with all the news government announcements but you can keep up to date on the website.

There are separate sections for different areas including:

Mental Health

  • Student Minds is the UK’s student mental health charity and they have put together their own guide on mental health and coronavirus packed with advice and different resources.
  • Charity MIND also have some great resources on taking care of your wellbeing during this time.
  • Young Minds are another charity who have lots of advice for if you are feeling concerned or overwhelmed by the news.

Distractions and tips

Here at UNiDAYS we are committed to making sure our member are fully supported, especially during this period. We are regularly writing articles on how to find distractions and tips on how to look after yourself to our blog daily.

Here are a few which might be helpful:

We will also be uploading daily tips, advice and distractions to all our social channels so don’t forget to follow @myunidays on all platforms!

Stay safe!

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