Places to find when you move to uni

When you move to your chosen uni destination, it’s important to locate certain places such as:

1. Your local GP

This one is an important one for obvious reasons, make sure you know where your local GP practice is, in case of an emergency. This would mean that you’d need to register with your local uni GP.

GP’s* do allow you to make last-minute appointments if it’s in aid of an emergency. When you visit your local GP be sure to ask them of their procedure when it comes to arranging appointments so you’re well aware of what you need to do.

2. Sexual health clinic

Again for obvious reasons, it’s no secret what some of us enjoy getting up to at uni, but be safe about it.

Sexual health clinics are there to help and advice you, they’re free to use and you don’t have to register. Some clinics offer an appointment service, however, most are first come first served, so it’s always a good idea to get there ASAP.

3. Closest A&E

Just in case you need to use this service, search for where your closest A&E service is and find out the quickest and easiest route to get there if ever you need to go.

4. 24-hour convenience store

This could be if it’s 3am and you need milk for your coffee that you need whilst finishing that last bit of coursework during an all-nighter. Or because you’ve decided to go out with your flatmates after all and need a chaser for your drink.

It’s always handy to know where your local (24-hour) convenience store is.

5. Dentist

This isn’t always necessary and you 99% won’t need it but juuuust in case that wisdom tooth just can’t wait to pop out, it’s good to know where your closest dentist is.

Be sure to check that it’s not a private practice!

6. Post office

If you’ve moved far away from home and fancy sending a letter or you need to send your brother a belated birthday card because you forgot his birthday after being on a 24-hour pub crawl, then finding out where your nearest post office is, is a shout.

7. McDonald's

Saved the best till last, whether it be after a night out, you need a last-minute lunch or you’re craving an Oreo McFlurry, then locating your closest McDonald’s is one of the first things to do when you move to a new city/area.

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