How to stay healthy at a festival

You’re heading to the festival of the summer, you've worked super hard in the gym to get into shape for all those Instagram snaps that will definitely be taken and you don't want to throw it all away, right? Space is limited and festival grounds are not exactly geared to support your usual healthy lifestyle but a few days away doesn’t mean losing the progress you’ve made. Pack these Protein Works essentials to stay at your best without any extra effort! (Plus, they probably taste better than anything you'll find out of a van!)

1. Breakfast time

We don’t know how the night before went and you'll probably be away from anything resembling a kitchen, but that doesn’t mean missing the most important meal of the day. Breakfast is my favourite so I'd hate to just be munching on a cereal bar when I'm away. Try the Protein Work's awesome breakfast pots for a super easy, filling and delicious breakfast. The Super Grain Pots, Bircher Pots, Protein Porridge Pots come in a total of 9 different flavours including Goji & Cranberry, Apple Cinnamon, Banana Choc Chip, Super Berry and Coffee Hazelnut! All come in handy single-serving pots and a spoon so all you need to worry about is filling them up with water. Article_ProteinWorks_3

2. Snack time

Easy snacks are definitely essential for heading to a festival. You'll need stuff that won't melt incase the sun makes an appearance so these Protein Flapjacks Luxe are perfect. Jammed full of great ingredients and none of them plastic cheese from a burger van, you’ll feel fuller for longer without compromising on flavour. Next up is the super yummy Raw Energy Mix - this is surprisingly moreish! You think dried fruit is boring but this is so tasty, our team can vouch for that. Packed with mulberries, goji berries and coconut, plus yummy bites of raw Indonesian chocolate. This is the perfect late night snack back at the tent. If you're more of a savoury snacker then you'll love the Protein Snackers, (think old school Discos but tastier and with 13.5g of protein a bag!). These come in both Sour Cream and Barbecue flavour and they're both awesome. Coming in at under 120 calories a bag with only 5g of carbs, these are seriously a super snack. Veggie Super Crisps are another savoury alternative to your average packet of crisps. These all natural snacks come in both beetroot and sweet potato variations and are only 61 calories a serving. Article_ProteinWorks_2(2)

3. Drink up

If you can usually be found with a protein shaker in hand, never fear, festival season doesn't have to mean the end of your shake addiction! Stock up on the Protein Works single portion Protein Smoothies, i-Shakes and Super Greens shakes without having to worry about taking your protein powder and shakers with you. Plus, they're throw away so you won't have to worry about washing up, just recycle! Don't forget your electrolytes to restore your body's balance and combat dehydration, these are perfect for curing that morning after feeling. For a more natural alternative, coconut water powder is just what you need! Article_ProteinWorks_5 Don't forget to pack your TPW water bottle which you can fill to 800ml, more than enough to keep you going in the day if you refill a couple of times.

4. Keep cosy

Even though it's (apparently) summer time, you'll still need something to keep you warm when you're back at the tent or roaming the festival in the early hours and the TPW hoodie is the perfect for keeping cosy! ProteinWorks_10-SOS-Blog-Perk

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