How to save over £80 every day with UNiDAYS

Ever wondered exactly how much exactly would you save if you used your UNiDAYS discount for a whole day? Or alternatively, how much could you have spent if you didn't have access to all of these amazing free discounts? We're gonna take you through a day to see exactly what could go down!

7am - Wake up

Up bright and early. Workout time before your 9am lecture. You got this. Grab a Myprotein pre-workout and nail your workout. We can have up to 45% off Myprotein so you could save over a tenner on a 500g tub of Mypre!

Saving: £11.25 on a one time purchase

Whether you're working out at the gym or rocking a home workout, we've got savings for you there too. You can grab an Xercise4Less membership for £11.99 a month instead of £14.99 using your UNiDAYS membership. And, get this, you can use your membership in all of the different gyms across the country.

Saving: £3 a month (£36 a year!)

Feelin' working out at home? Grab 25% off Results With Lucy home workout plans

Saving: £12.25 per plan

So far that's £26.50 saving and you're not even at uni yet.

9am - Hit that lecture

You roll up at your lecture kitted out with your sweet new stationery from Paperchase where you can save 10% - on average this'll be an £1 saving on your sassy notebook.

Saving: £1

12pm - Pizza time

Time to to some group work but you're all starving. The answer? Pizza, obviously. Save 40% at ASK Italian on Mondays and Tuesdays and you're winning the lunch game. I'm all over their new Salami Misti pizza and you could make a saving of £5.30. Really feelin' the pinch of your student budget already? Why not try their classic Margherita which you can grab for £4.77? Bargain.

Saving: £5.30

3pm - Study central

Let's finish off some uni work and make that tutor love ya. Plug into your favourite playlist with 50% off Spotify Premium which is usually £9.99 a month.

Saving: £5.00 a month

4pm - Snack attack

Those 4pm hunger pangs hit and you're craving a snack. Stock up in bulk on your snacks and you could save. Our favourite Nakd bars are only £0.65 on Musclefood when they're usually at least 99p in the supermarket. That's a 34p saving on one bar even without your 10% UNiDAYS discount on top. Stack that on top of 4 bars bought in bulk and you've got a saving of £1.61!

Saving: £1.61

That's another £11.91 saving, we're getting close to £40 here!

5pm - Procrastination hits

Studying is tough? How about a little browse on the UNiDAYS Blog and a little online shopping? Your mum calls you and tells you to book a trip home. Get yourself over to National Express and get that bus journey home for a bargain with 15% off. On a return coach journey from Nottingham to Manchester we saved £3.75. You convince her it's a great idea to book an afternoon tea because it's nice to do something special when you're home together, right? Winner. Save a tenner on this Manchester themed tea for two from Virgin Experience Days and get your mum to pay the rest. Hello, cake!

Savings: £13.75

6.30pm - Dinner time calls

You probably wouldn't eat out/order in twice in one day but, cos, Freshers, this stuff happens. Save £6 off your first order at Deliveroo.

Savings: £6

7pm - Series binge time

There's some time to get some episodes in before the night out, right? Catch up on some Project Runway, Geordie Shore or Ex On The Beach using your 30% off TVPlayer Plus subscription offer. But you only pay after your first free month. Winning, again.

Saving: £1.80 a month

8.30pm - Time to get ready

Whip out this month's Glossybox to see what treats are inside to help you glam up for the night ahead. Remember you got it 50% off and feel mega chuffed.

Saving: £5

Or, guys, you unbox your new aftershave from Fragrance Direct (where you can save on already discounted items!) and remember you saved £4 on your Paco Rabanne 50ml 1 Million. Yes.

Saving: £4

9pm - Dressed to impress

With a constant 30% off Missguided and occasional boosts to 40-50%, you realise you've saved a killer amount of money on your latest night out outfit.

Saving: £4.50 on this gorgeous green cami dress

50% off BoohooMan is too good to be true right? Wrong. It's totally legit and you just saved £9 on this sweet paisley shirt.

Saving: £9

10pm - Get the party started

50% off Spotify Premium kicks in again!

Saving: You've already saved on this bad boy and you're using it twice in one day. Bargain.

Total savings: £83.46

Ok, I know this day is probably a teeny bit far fetched and you're probably not going to be going all out and saving £83.46 in one day but, it could happen and we totally make it happen for you! We just wanted to show exactly how we can slot into every different aspect of your life. Don't forget to join now and verify if you haven't already to make these epic savings!

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