How to get your Hygge on this Christmas

It’s the Danish concept that’s been gracing our screens for the last couple of years and for good reason – Hygge sounds pretty freakin’ fantastic. Cosiness, conviviality, comfort and contentment. Here are some of the ways you can incorporate it into your Christmas.

Decorate the Danish way

If you’ve already put up your decorations, you’re more organised than I am. You might need to re-evaluate them though. When it comes to interiors, the Danes like to keep things simple, especially where Hygge is involved. That means no tinsel, no Christmas tree drowning in the baubles you painted at primary school and most definitely no dancing Santas. Stick to whites and silvers and keep things subtle. There are pages and pages of Pinterest inspiration if you’re struggling for ideas.

Buy simple gifts

The same goes for presents. Clutter is NOT hygge-friendly so think about exchanging a more modest selection of presents this year. They definitely shouldn’t be the focus of the day itself either, that’s much more about who you spend it with which brings me onto my next point.

Spend it with others

You might not have expected to sit quite so close to your Great Grandma at the Christmas dinner table meant for only 6 people, but embrace it. Hygge is about sharing experiences with your nearest and dearest. Whether you invite your friends around for mulled wine or take some time to appreciate the Boxing Day leftovers with distant relatives.... do whatever you do over the festive period with the people you love.

Have another slice of Christmas Pudding

By far my favourite part of this laid back way of life is being actively encouraged to eat whatever takes your fancy! The Danes might be a pretty healthy eating bunch in general, but when it comes to a sugar topped pastry and a cup of hot coffee, they’re all for it. In my book, that’s basically permission to indulge in as much Christmas pudding as your waistband will allow.

Find time for some Christmas fitness

Christmas and fitness are two words you REALLY didn’t want me to put together after I just gave you permission to eat your 5th slice of Christmas pudding. I’m not saying you’ve got to hit the gym or run around the block three times though. Just find a spare couple of hours to practice yoga or make an effort to wrap up warm and go for a walk in the park when you can over Christmas. A healthy amount of exercise and time spent outdoors are both high on the list of Hygge priorities.

Appreciate the little things

When it comes down to it, that’s all Hygge really is. Not doing anything particularly extraordinary, just appreciating what you have around you, festive season or not.

Happy Hygge Christmas!

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