DIY pumpkin party favours

Fancy creating a super easy and quick party favour for Halloween celebrations? Here's my uber-quick Pumpkin Party Favours! Read on to follow the steps for how to make it! pumpkin-favours-6

Step 1

Grab some orange and green tissue paper, I recommend using double thickness or two sheets of the orange for the body, this just strengthens it your pumpkin. You will also need some scissors, a black marker pen, some sticky tape (double-sided would be awesome!) and some sweets to fill your bags up with! You could use green tape instead of taping tissue paper around the stalks, this is a really great way of simplifying this make even more. pumpkin-favours-1

Step 2

Either cut yourself a circle of orange tissue paper, or you can just scrunch the whole rectangle if you're feeling speedy! Pop your party favours in the middle and bring the edges all together at the top. pumpkin-favours-2pumpkin-favours-3

Step 3

Cut yourself some strips of green tissue paper a get ready for the fiddly bit! This is where double sided sticky tape or green tape really comes in handy. I folded my tape back on itself and created my own double-sided tape. pumpkin-favours-4

Step 4

Secure your green tissue paper or tape at the top of the pumpkin so you've created a little bag. Grab your pen and draw it on a face and you're all set! pumpkin-favours-5

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