Armchair travel: 5 films that will transport you around the world

While self isolation and social distancing may mean you’re physically stuck within those four walls, that doesn’t mean you can't allow your mind to wander. If you’re suffering from a case of itchy feet with no way to exercise them, why not escape the drudgery by pressing play on one of these awesome films that will transport you around the world.


Watching someone walking alone for 1000+ miles might not sound like the basis for a rip-roaring film. But based on Cheryl Strayed's 2012 memoir of the same name, Wild tells a story of self-discovery and healing from personal tragedy, while taking you along the epic Pacific Crest Trail.

Woefully underprepared both mentally and physically, Cheryl goes on to overcome the many challenges that come her way. And the scenery ain’t bad either. Even if you’ve never had the urge to throw on a pair of hiking boots and just get away from it all, this movie may well change that. It did for us, partly inspiring a (much shorter) week-long trek through the Scottish Highlands.


As if it wasn’t beautiful enough, seeing Paris through lead character Amélie’s eyes turns the streets and sights of the French metropolis into a fantastical fairytale. Played by Audrey Tautou, Amélie’s overactive imagination is the lens through which we see the world’s most visited city.

Amélie attempts to improve the lives of a number of carefully selected targets by pulling off intricately thought out, anonymous acts of kindness to make them happy. Charming, slightly twee, and exquisitely gorgeous - a bit like Paris itself - Amélie is a feel-good film that might just make you look at the city in a different way.

In Bruges

Starring a relatively fresh faced Colin Farrell at the peak of his powers, In Bruges is a dark and warped comedy with zippy dialogue masquerading as a thriller. It follows the capers of Ray and Ken, two hitmen who are laying low in the stunning medieval Belgian city after a botched job.

Side-splittingly funny, their fates lurch from the bad to the bizarre with every new person they meet. Filmed on location, In Bruges shows off the gorgeous gothic architecture, cobbled streets, and narrow canals that characterise this photogenic city.

Buena Vista Social Club

This heartwarming documentary follows legendary guitarist Ry Cooder as he gathers together a raggle taggle ensemble of forgotten Cuban musicians, tempting them out of retirement. They go on to form a sort of supergroup, performing sold out concerts across the world and releasing an awesome record that’s worth a listen in itself.

While much of the film’s focus is understandably on the tunes, the musicians also tell their life stories. Combined with visits to their homes and the neighbourhoods they live in, it unveils a rich picture of life in the crumbling but gorgeous Havana.

Lost in Translation

Romantic, sad, touchingly bittersweet and funny all at the same time. Lost in Translation sees the bright lights of Tokyo take on equal billing with lead actors Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansen as they form an unlikely relationship while discovering the charms of the city together.

If you’ve ever visited Tokyo, you’ll appreciate the feelings of culture shock and bemusement the movie portrays. And if you haven’t, you’ll get a glimpse of what this metropolis feels like as a tourist unearthing it for the first time.

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