9 signs your best friend is your soulmate

We all have that one friend we would be completely lost without, possibly even more lost than after the break up of that four year relationship, with the childhood sweetheart that your family adored. Yep, I said it.

There’s no better feeling than having that one person you share everything with - literally everything - and knowing you have each other’s backs no matter what life throws at you. Ant and Dec, Harry and Ron, Zoella and Alfie… or maybe it’s more like Serena and Blair. Here are nine telltale signs it’s more than just the average friendship:

1. The first time you meet and you immediately click

It’s the first time you meet and you get on like a house on fire. That’s when you know it’s for real.

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2. Walking into their house like it’s yours

You’ve invited yourself round for a night of Netflix and the first thing you do is open the fridge and help yourself to the last can of Diet Coke.

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3. Always telling the truth (even when it hurts)

When you’re with your bff you just have to say it how it is. Every time. Even when their outfit looks crap.

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4. Having amazing times together

Whenever you are together, you both turn into comical geniuses. That’s as well as the times when you’re both sat in silence scrolling through Instagram.

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5. Knowing how to cheer each other up

Flowers, chocolates, pub crawl, retail therapy, clubbing. When it’s needed, you know what to do.

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6. Not judging one another

No matter what previous bad decisions have been made (we all make them!) you put them aside and only ever dare to bring them up when playing a competitive round of Never Have I Ever with your closest friends.

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7. Knowing each other's style

You can go on ASOS and pick out a killer outfit for your bestie, having no doubt that it’ll be going in their basket for the night out you’re planning for next weekend.

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8. Not wanting them to leave

You love their company so much that you never want them to say goodbye.

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9. Texting each other the same amount

Even when they have just left you’re still texting them constantly, and it’s not all one-sided like a relationship with someone that’s really not that interested.

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