8 things that are about to happen at uni if you're from the midlands

Whether you're from the East Midlands such as Leicester, Notts, Derby or Loughborough or the West Midlands like Birmingham, Coventry and the like you're about to hit a bump in the road if you're going to uni anywhere other than these places. Here are 8 things that will no doubt happen during Freshers' week. Prepare for the petty arguments.

1. People will think you're a Northerner

Cos you're not from London or the Home Counties...

An image Gif source

2. People will think you're a Southerner

Cos you're not from Manchester.

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3. People won't know where you live

"Do you live near Manchester/Newcastle/Liverpool?" No mate. Because they're in the North.

4. You will have multiple arguments about cobs.

Yep, I said it. We (UNiDAYS) are from the East Midlands, born and bred and we say cobs in our office.

An image

5. You will also never know what meal you're eating.

Is it tea? Is it dinner? What do these people call it?!

6. You'll basically end up not knowing where you're from yourself.

Good luck lads.

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7. Until you're so sick of it you actually learn where the boundaries are.

For reference and/or arguments this is the West Midlands...

An image

And these are the boundaries of the East...

An image

8. You realise that you're insanely jealous of people that live near a beach.

Why don't we have any? And this beach doesn't count.

An image

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