8 stages of binge-watching

Netflix and other online streaming sites have become a student saviour, whether it's to indulge in a movie night with friends, or to feed your procrastination during the revision period, it's safe to say we've all experienced our fair share of binge-watching our favourite shows, which means we've definitely experienced these emotions.

1. The intrigue

A new series has started and everyone is talking about it, so you decide to see what all the fuss is about. adam levine interested intrigued confused maroon 5 GIF Source

2. The uncertainty

You're a couple of episodes in and not really sure where it's going, but you persevere. justin bieber confused teen vogue music love GIF Source

3. The Penny Drops

The OMFG moment when there's a major plot twist or your favourite character dies and you realise that this is the best show ever! New Girl jake johnson nick miller mind blown lamorne morris GIF Source

4. The obsession

You decide to take a break from the show, I mean you wouldn't want to watch it all too quickly would you? Time to get that assignment done, but all you can think about is what's going to happen next. portlandia binge watching binge watch next episode

5. The grief

Well it's over, and the grief is unbearable! But nothing will bring it back, it's over. season hiatus anatomy inc stages GIF Source

6. The denial

You can't accept that it's over, and spend hours on Youtube watching actor interviews, behind the scenes videos, and searching the internet for rumours of a new series. animated frustrated upset bed emotion GIF Source

7. The acceptance

You're still feeling down about the show's end and you've exhausted all options of bloopers and behind the scenes, you accept it's time to move on. workaholics acceptance anders holmvik accept yes GIF Source

8. The rebound

Then it happens, you find another show that's AMAZING and completely forget about what you were watching yesterday. happy excited applause clapping thrilled GIF Image

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